The Bowery Boys

The Bowery Boys

by Hacksaw Gaming

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The Bowery Boys: A Gritty Adventure in Hell’s Kitchen

If you dare to step into the dark and dangerous world of 19th-century New York City, where cobblestone streets echo with the footsteps of notorious gangsters, then The Bowery Boys by Hacksaw Gaming is your ticket. This online slot takes you to Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood teeming with intrigue, violence, and secrets. Forget the usual cutesy graphics; this game opts for a graphic novel approach, reminiscent of slots like Wanted Dead or Alive. The dimly lit backdrop, moody skies, and strong Watchmen vibes set the stage for an intense gaming experience.

Gameplay Overview

In The Bowery Boys, the action unfolds through cascading symbols. When you land a winning combination, those symbols disappear, making way for new ones to drop down from above. Cascades continue until no new wins occur. Keep an eye on the prize money accumulating above the reels during cascades.

The paytable features card royals (10-A) and premium symbols (boys, fighting men, guns, couples, and ladies). The wild symbol, represented by a powder keg, substitutes for regular pay symbols.

Bonus Features

1. Cascades

  • When winning symbols vanish, cascades kick in.
  • New symbols drop down, potentially leading to more wins.
  • The total pending win amount is displayed above the reels.
  • Once cascades end, the pending win is awarded and reset to zero.

2. Strongboxes

  • If a Strongbox symbol lands simultaneously with a key symbol, it opens.
  • The contents of the Strongbox are awarded.

3. Blasting Bomb Multipliers

  • Keep an eye out for Blasting Bomb Multipliers.
  • These explosive multipliers enhance your wins during cascades.

Why Play The Bowery Boys?

The Bowery Boys offers a gritty, cinematic experience that transports you to the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Whether you’re a fan of historical intrigue, gangster lore, or high volatility slots, this game delivers. The maximum win potential adds to the excitement—imagine hitting that big win while navigating the treacherous streets of New York.

Theme: A Dark Journey Through Hell’s Kitchen

Imagine stepping into the murky underworld of 19th-century New York City. Cobblestone streets echo with the footsteps of notorious gangsters—the Bowery Boys. The graphic novel-style visuals transport you to a time when danger lurked around every corner. The dimly lit backdrop, moody skies, and strong Watchmen vibes immerse you in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s not just a slot game; it’s an adventure.

Pays and Symbols

Let’s break down the symbols and their payouts:

Symbol Payout (for 1x) Payout (for 2x) Payout (for 3x)
Boys 1x 2x 5x
Fighting Men 1x 2x 5x
Guns 1x 2x 5x
Couples 1x 2x 5x
Ladies 1x 2x 5x
Card Royals (10-A) 0.5x – 1x 1x – 2x 2.5x – 5x
Wild (Powder Keg) Substitutes for regular pay symbols

Remember, these payouts are relative to your bet size. So, whether you’re a small-time hustler or a high roller, the streets of Hell’s Kitchen have something in store for you. Good luck, and may the gangster gods favor your spins!


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