Depositing money at online casinos is something almost all new players will have questions about, and whether it’s wondering what payment options are available, or whether it’s safe to hand over sensitive financial information…

It’s no surprise that some people find the financial side of things daunting.

Thankfully, depositing money at online casinos is incredibly easy – and, thanks to strict industry guidelines that almost all casinos follow – it’s also incredibly safe.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the various ways you can deposit money at online casinos.

Debit and Credit Cards

Almost everyone has a debit or credit card, and depositing money at online casinos with a card is almost identical to making regular purchases online.

You simply need to enter the card’s details, confirm the security number, and the transaction will then be processed by the payment processor used by the casino.

Most major debit and credit cards are accepted at casinos today, including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.

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EWallets are one of the most popular methods of depositing funds to an online casino, and the reasons why are clear; EWallets are – generally – fee-free, transactions are completed instantly, and they’re incredibly easy to set up.

This makes them far more practical than other payment methods, and given their widespread popularity, it’s rare to find an online casino that doesn’t accept EWallet deposits. Some of the most popular EWallets include:

PayPal – PayPal is one of the most used payment processors in the world, and each day, millions of people make and receive payments for free, through PayPal. While PayPal hasn’t always allowed online gambling transactions, today, it’s a highly sought-after EWallet at online casinos, given its ease-of-use and simplicity.

Skrill – Skrill – originally known as “Moneybookers” – works in much the same way as PayPal, and it’s one of the most commonly-used payment methods at online casinos today. Instant transactions, high sending/receiving limits and a reliable service, Skrill is offered at virtually every online casino.

Neteller – Founded in 1999, Neteller has built itself a solid reputation in both the gambling and non-gambling world, and while it’s technically recognized as a bank, most see it as an alternative to PayPal, allowing for instant, fee-free transactions. Like Skrill, Neteller is offered at virtually all online casinos, and it’s incredibly easy to use.

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Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Prepaid Debit Cards and Vouchers are a great way of depositing at online casinos if conventional payment methods are unavailable to you – and there’s also well-suited to those who want greater control over how much they spend.

Unlike Debit/Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards and Vouchers require you to top-up funds first – there are no overdraft or credit facilities available. A Prepaid Card gives you virtual card details which you can use at online casinos, while Vouchers give you a special code which you input when depositing.

A couple of the most popular Prepaid Cards/Vouchers include:

Entropay – Entropay is a prepaid virtual Visa Debit Card that can be used virtually anywhere in the world that accepts VISA payments. You must load money onto the card in advance, before using it online.

Paysafecard – Paysafecard is one of the best-known voucher-based depositing methods in the world, and instead of entering actual card details when making a deposit at an online casino, you – instead – enter a 16-digit code, which is found on the voucher after purchasing it from a store.

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Cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream topic in the last couple of years, and Bitcoin – the most prominent cryptocurrency – is now accepted at a number of online casinos as a payment method. More recently, other cryptocurrencies have started to be accepted too – and they’re popular with players, as cryptocurrency transactions are near-instant, fee-free, and secure. Below, we look at two of the most popular cryptocurrencies accepted at online casinos:

Bitcoin – Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto – a psyedumn – and while, to this day no one knows who created Bitcoin, it’s changed the way many of us make payments, as it’s completely decentralized (meaning there’s no banks or financial institutions involved), and depositing Bitcoin at online casinos is incredibly easy, requiring nothing more than a free Bitcoin Wallet.

Ethereum – Ethereum – like Bitcoin – runs on a secure blockchain, and Ethereum has grown rapidly in popularity thanks to its “Smart Contracts”. While not accepted as largely as Bitcoin – yet – more online casinos are adapting to Ethereum, and like most cryptocurrencies, transactions are processed instantly.

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