Law of Gilgamesh

by Elysium Studios

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Trace your way back to ancient Mesopotamia and join the mighty hero Gilgamesh on his adventures! Goddess Ishtar and your nemesis Enkidu will make your wins larger as you cascade your way to ancient fortune.

This 6×6 cluster pays game can pay up to 200x on one cluster, or 8,762x overall on a single spin. Cascades make your win larger and so do bonus features that culminate with a very rewarding free spins bonus round where you get guaranteed features and increasing win multipliers. That, and the stunning and innovative theme, make this medium-to-high variance game worth playing, even if it is by a new and upcoming developer. This is quality stuff.

Play the game in demo mode or for real in the casinos listed below, or keep reading this review to find all the details about Law of Gilgamesh.

Reels, Paylines and Game Mechanics

Law of Gilgamesh is a slot game that is played on a large 6×6 board, with cluster wins and respins.

You have to form a winning cluster of at least five symbols, up to 25. A symbol is part of a winning cluster if it’s horizontally or vertically adjacent to another symbol in the cluster.

When a cluster win is awarded, the cluster disappears, and the remaining symbols on the board fall down, with new symbols falling from above to complete the board. This can go on and on, so you can get multiple wins on the same spin. As you keep winning you will definitely trigger the Feature Bar that is explained in more detail in one of the sections below.

{slot_name} Return to Player (RTP), Hitrate and Variance

Law of Gilgamesh is doesn’t pay very often as the hit frequency is 17.63%, which means you can expect to win once every 5.7 spins on average. But when you do win, the game round is likely to progress into cascade wins, so the win will be worth your time.

Elysium Studios lists this game as having “5/5 Variance” but we say it’s actually medium to high. It might be the highest variance slot by Elysium Studios, but there are still slots by other developers that have variance at a whole different level. This isn’t one of those tight 10-payline slot machines, the experience is enjoyable and you can play the game for a while without losing anything at all.

Overall, this is a very good balance. You can play Law of Gilgamesh with not too much risk to your bankroll, yet there’s a chance to win big.

H2 Symbols and Paytable

H2 Main Bonus Feature: feature1 Alternatively: H2 Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

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Feature Bar: Gilgamesh, Ishtar and Enkidu

At the top of your reels, in the Feature Bar, you’ll see Gilgamesh, Ishtar and Enkidu changing positions as the reels spin. You always get all three – it’s just that they are ordered differently.

The order will matter once you trigger the feature. Winning clusters fill the bar of each character, correspondingly to the win size. Once a character feature is triggered it will be executed after the end of the spin.

Gilgamesh – Turns random symbols into Wilds.

Ishtar – Removes the low-paying symbols from the screen. Cascades and the first respin brings only high-paying symbols to the screen.

Enkidu – Destroys 11 symbols in an X pattern, thus issuing a cascade and a respin. Scatter symbols are not destroyed by this feature.

Tower Bonus

Three Book Scatters activate the Tower Bonus. The first three levels of the tower present a stake multiplier win or the possibility to climb up the tower. The multipliers increase with the level, the highest being on the fourth level.

Free Spins

The free spins feature is triggered by Scatters and you get guaranteed features and increasing win multipliers.

Three Free Spins Scatter symbols award 10 Free Spins. 2 further Free Spins are awarded for each additional Scatter over the 3 minimum required. In Free Spins every time a character feature is executed a global win multiplier increases. The multiplier doesn’t reset until the end of the bonus round. Execution of all three character features in a single round in Free Spins awards with an additional Free Spin. At the beginning of every round of Free Spins the first section of the Feature Bar gets filled, granting at least one character feature every Free Spin.

Cascade and Respin

Symbols forming wins disappear and new fall, giving chance for new wins.

Theme, Graphics and Atmosphere

The theme is mostly similar to Cleopatra slots and Egyptian themes, with a hint of Chinese golden wealth themes. The graphics works fine for this slot type, it’s a bit cartoonish but that’s the style of this developer. Overall a very good theme with pleasant sounds that gamify the experience and that aren’t too much. The developers seem to have implemented some elements from the usual mobile games – so if you’re playing those kind of games then Law of Gilgamesh will be strangely familiar.

However, the Law of Gilgamesh slot has a strange sense of timing that you might find annoying. We did. While you can play the game in Turbo mode, in Autoplay mode, and in both Turbo and Autoplay modes together, after a losing spin there is always a 1.5 second delay that can’t be prevented. In Turbo mode the reels spin much faster – but the delay at the end persists.

The annoying part is that the Spin button disappears during that delay. This is the main reason why you’ll want to use Autoplay – all the time.

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