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Vivo Gaming are a developer of live casino products and software solutions for the online gambling market. This US-based company offers both live dealer games through the internet, along with a solution that allows land-based casinos to offer their table games over WIFI. Vivo Gaming offer a comprehensive selection of games, including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Caribbean Poker, and Craps.

In this Vivo Gaming live casino review, we’re going to take a look at the games they offer in more depth. We’ll also look at where their games can be played – and we’ll begin by having a look at who Vivo Gaming are, and how they started off.

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Company Information and History

Vivo Gaming was founded back in 2010, and holds gambling licenses from the Curacao and Costa Rican governments. From their beginnings, the provider has asserted the fact that they want to target – largely – Spanish speakers, though they’ve since started becomming more globally widespread.

Today, Vivo Gaming has offices in London, Manila, Buenos Aires, Miami and Costa Rica.

All of their games are independently certified by GLI, and they now service some 100 online gambling sites, providing them with a selection of live dealer games.

Vivo Gaming Live Casino Review: The Games

Vivo Gaming offer a decent range of live dealer games. However, a couple of their titles have been ‘phased out’ due to low levels of popularity. We played all the games we could find while writing this Vivo Gaming live casino review. See what we thought, below.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Roulette

Vivo Gaming use a European version of the game, and this means there’s just a single zero. Aside from the regular betting options, there’s also a Racetrack which allows you to place French and Neighbor bets. A detailed game history is also available, allowing you to see past results. The game also benefits from multiple cameras. These give you a panoramic-like view of the game and shows you a close up of the wheel once the ball is spinning.

Our team were actually really impressed with Vivo Gaming’s live Roulette. We spent quite a bit of time playing it when writing this Vivo Gaming live casino review and we found it to be easy to place bets and built to a high quality.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Baccarat

Vivo Gaming currently operate 8 different Baccarat tables. These come in single-player and multiplier options. All tables use 8 decks of cards, and these are shuffled manually. There are also a number of side bets available – although it’s up to the operators to decide which they want to offer.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Blackjack

Vivo Gaming’s Live Blackjack is played using 8 decks. The table is capable of seating up to 7 players, and there’s a ‘multi seat’ option. This lets you play up to three seats at once (space permitting.) The game uses Vegas rules, which means the dealer draws two cards initially. It’s possible to take Insurance and Surrender as well. You can double on any two cards, and you can split hands twice.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a variation of Baccarat. Two cards are dealt, and you simply need to bet on which hand you think will be highest in value. The game is played with a total of 8 decks, and an unlimited number of players can play at once. Once the game begins, one card is dealt to the Dragon and the Tiger – and that’s it! There are no side bets available, but you will find Baccarat Roadmaps and a comprehensive game history available.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of two Vivo Gaming live casino games that’s not currently available. Due to low demand, the provider pulled it from their portfolio. Still, it’s likely it will make an appearance in the future, especially once the US market opens up.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Craps

Again, Vivo Gaming’s Live Craps is currently operational. It’s likely we’ll see this game make a reapprence too, but there is not currently a time-frame for when this will happen. This is a shame, as we were looking forward to playing Craps. We’ll update this Vivo Gaming live casino review if and when the game returns.

Streaming Quality

Vivo Gaming’s streaming capabilities are great – and they’re clearly invested a fair degree of time and money into building their infrastructure. We spent a fair bit of time playing their games in demo mode when writing this Vivo Gaming live casino review.

During that time we experienced no lag, buffering, or freezing. Clearly, this is important – and Vivo Gaming’s live casino can be enjoyed by players on all internet speeds.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

One thing became clear while writing this Vivo Gaming live casino review; the provider has put a lot of time into developing their platform. The first thing to point out is that all of the provider’s live games run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll begin by choosing to play in either the Asian or Caribbean lobby. This will affect the types of games offered, but not much else.

The game’s playing interfaces are – for the most part – uncluttered. However, the interface definitely isn’t as clean as we’ve seen with the market leaders like Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

You can play multiple games at once, thanks to Vivo Gaming’s Multi Game option. This allows you to play up to three games at once, from a single internet window. There’s also quite a unique feature available which lets you ‘follow’ other players around the tables. This lets you see which tables they’re playing at, and the bets they make. We’re not entirely sure why this is necessary, but it’s a cool addition nonetheless.

You may also notice that – alongside your live game – you’ll see mini games available. Operators have the ability to offer video slots and video poker games alongside the live games. You can choose to hide these mini games if you’d rather not see them.

When it comes to betting options you’ll find that Vivo Gaming’s games can be played from between 1 and 1,250 credits per round. Naturally, it’s up to the operator to set their own limits – and in some cases, you may see the betting limits increased.

Languages Offered 

Vivo Gaming’s live game dealers speak English and Spanish. Occasionally, you may find that operators have a private table with dealers speaking other languages, but English and Spanish are the norm. Thankfully, the game’s interface displays a number of different languages, and new languages are being added all the time, as Vivo Gaming continue to expand to new countries.

Our team noted that when they were playing the games to write this Vivo Gaming live casino review it was really easy to switch between the different languages offered in the interface.

Vivo Gaming Live Mobile Casino Review

Vivo Gaming’s live casino games are built in both Flash and HTML5. This allows mobile players to enjoy the action from their mobile devices without interruption. The games can be played in both desktop and landscape mode, and whichever option you choose, you’ll find that the game’s buttons and displays dynamically adapt, allowing you to enjoy the action in a way that suits you.

Vivo Gaming’s Live Dealers

Vivo Gaming’s live dealers are both male and female, although we’d say there are significantly more females than males. Dependant on the specific game you’re playing, you’ll see a selection of Asian, Latin American or European dealers. They’re all relatively chatty and friendly, although it’s worth pointing out that some of the Asian dealers have quite thick accents, and you may struggle to understand them.

Vivo Gaming Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Vivo Gaming are one of the smaller live casino providers, but that doesn’t mean their product isn’t built to high standards. In fact, while writing this Vivo Gaming live casino review we were really impressed with their product. It’s easy-to-use, reliable and high-quality – and they offer a great range of games for you to enjoy.

They’re also the only provider to offer live Craps. While the game isn’t currently operational, they’re likely to start offering it again soon. We also liked the fact that their game lobby is uncluttered and easy-to-navigate. If you’re interested in playing at a casino that runs Vivo Gaming’s software you can check out our recommendations below.

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