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SA Gaming are a leading online gambling platform provider in Asia, offering a range of live dealer games to players. With almost a decade of experience in the iGaming industry, SA Gaming know what their players want to see, and their ever-growing portfolio reflects the wants and needs of Asian players.

In this SA Gaming live casino review we’re going to look at what games they offer, where they can be played, and we’ll also look at the technology behind some of their games. Let’s begin by looking at some of the best casinos to actually play their live games.

Best SA Gaming Live Dealer Casino

Company Information and History

A big part of creating this SA Gaming live casino review, was looking at the company’s history. We found that they were first established on the 9th September 2009, and they started out to offer a range of games to “fit the markets across Asia-Pacific.” The developer place a strong emphasis on understanding the needs, trends and cultures of Asian markets – and you’ll see this shown in many of their games.

SA Gaming have won numerous awards for their live dealer games, including the “Best Online Casino Solution” in the Asia Gaming Awards.

Alongside their live dealer games, SA Gaming also offer a variety of E-Games. Many of these are based around traditional Chinese folklore. They also offer a newly-launched “Multiplayer” product, allowing friends to play against one another online. SA Gaming’s live casino product is, however, the area they focus most heavily on.

When writing this SA Gaming live casino review, our team found that the provider is licensed by the PAGCOR of the Philippines. All of SA Gaming’s games have also passed the compliance testing of GLI – one of the world’s leading, independent gaming certification laboratories. (The company’s non-live games are certified with BBM.)

SA Gaming Live Casino Review: The Games

SA Gaming offer a wide range of live dealer games. To write this SA Gaming live casino review, we decided to try them all out for ourselves. Find out all about the games they offer below:

SA Gaming’s Baccarat

Baccarat is somewhat of a staple game at Asian live casinos – and it’s no surprise to see SA Gaming offering it. In fact, they offer no less than 16 different Baccarat tables! All of the tables use standard rules, and 8 decks are used. There are 10 main Roadmaps available, and as you’d expect, there’s also detailed game statistics.

Squeeze and Speed Baccarat are also available, although it’s up to the operator whether or not they want to include these at their casino.

SA Gaming’s Money Wheel

We’ve seen a number of developers come out with their own Wheel of Fortune-like games, and SA Gaming’s offering is Money Wheel. This exciting game offers payouts worth up to 50/1, and also comes with a side bet option – Hoo Hey How – a traditional chinese dice game. New games begin every couple of minutes, and a new chat room interface allows players to chat with each other, and the dealer.

SA Gaming’s Cow Cow Baccarat

Cow Cow Baccarat is a unique game from SA Gaming – and while it’s based around standard Baccarat rules, there are a couple of main differences. The results of the game remain unknown until all of the cards are revealed – and this adds a little bit of extra excitement to the game.

SA Gaming’s Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is somewhat of a staple in most Asian casinos – and we’ve seen a number of Asian-focused game providers feature it online, too. When we were writing this SA Gaming live casino review, we were pleased to find the game available – and their version is pretty good, it’s fair to say. The betting interface itself is simple and easy to use, and there are just three bets available: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie.

To the right-hand-side of the screen you’ll be able to view detailed statistics about the game’s history. To the bottom of the screen are the chip denominations – and there’s also a handy “Re-Bet” button, which places the same chip values as the hand before.

SA Gaming’s Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese game. It’s pretty unique, and on the table you’ll see a number of beads. The dealer strikes these beads using a bamboo stick – and the number of beans left on the table (after the dealer splits them into groups of four) determines the game’s end result. SA Gaming’s live Fan Tan offers a huge number of betting options, and the usual game history section is found to the top-right-hand-corner of the screen .

SA Gaming’s Roulette

SA Gaming’s live Roulette is based on European rules meaning there’s just a single zero on the wheel. While it’s not one of their most popular games, they’ve managed to build a good-looking, high-quality product and there’s a large number of betting options available. We were really impressed by it when we were trying it out for this SA Gaming live casino review.

Aside from the standard Roulette betting grid, you can also access a Racetrack – this lets you place French, Call and Neighbor bets.

To the right-hand-side of the screen, you’ll be able to view information about the table, along with a game history section. Here, you can view the results of past rounds, as well as view Hot/Cold numbers.

SA Gaming’s Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Asian game where players must try to predict the outcome of three dice rolled. In SA Gaming’s live Sic Bo, you’ll find a huge number of betting options – up to 50 – and a new game round starting every minute or two. The betting interface is clear and easy-to-use, with the bottom half of the screen showing the betting options, and the top half showing the dealer and the dice.

SA Gaming’s Blackjack

It’s fairly rare to see Blackjack offered at Asian based casino, which is why we were surprised to see it while writing this SA Gaming live casino review. The provider’s live Blackjack is based on European rules, meaning the dealer draws one card initially. Up to 8 players can be seated at the table at once, and 8 decks of cards are used.

There’s one side bet available – Pair – and this pays out when the player’s first two cards are a pair. To the bottom left-hand-side of the table, you can view the results for the past 10 rounds.

Streaming Quality

While writing this review of SA Gaming, we were pleased to see that their games all run incredibly well. We didn’t experience any lag while playing. There’s a handy option to toggle HD on/off, and you can also choose to hide the video stream if you want. These options are both useful if you’re playing from a slower internet connection.

Overall, we were extremely impressed with SA Gaming’s streaming capabilities, and they’re definitely one of the better Asian-focused live casino providers we’ve encountered.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

In order to write this SA Gaming live casino review we needed to spend time actually playing the games – and that we did. Like most Asian providers, SA Gaming offer their games through a dedicated lobby interface. Here, you’ll be able to see all of the games available, sorted by category. (The main live dealer categories are Baccarat and Other Games.)

You’ll be able to see details about each table including the dealer, the number of players active, and some game statistics. Credit where credit’s due – SA Gaming’s lobby is easy-to-use and relatively clutter-free.

Once you’ve chosen the game you want to play, it will open up within the same window as the lobby. You’ll see that SA Gaming take somewhat of a minimalist approach in their games, and it’s easy to place bets and adjust the game settings.

Betting limits are chosen by the operators who host the games, but generally you’ll be able to play SA Gaming’s live casino games from between 5 and 25,000 credits per round.

Languages Offered 

All of SA Gaming’s live dealers speak English. While it’s clearly not their first language, they’re fluent enough, and prompt you when to bet, and when the betting time is almost up. The interface itself is available in a number of languages. By default, it’s in English but this can be changed using the menu in the bottom-left-hand-corner of the screen. The other languages include Malaysian, Indonesian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Thai, and a couple of other Asian languages.

SA Gaming Live Mobile Casino Review

While we were writing this SA Gaming live casino review, we were pleased to see that the provider off their games in both Flash and HTML5. This means their games can be played from mobile devices. By default, the HTML5 games load. If you want to play in Flash, you need to press “To Standard Version”, which is found on the left-hand-side menu on the game screen.

SA Gaming’s Live Dealers

We weren’t surprised when writing this SA Gaming live casino review to see that all dealers are attractive young females. This is a common theme amongst Asian-based live casinos. All of the dealers are friendly, attentive – and while they don’t interact directly with players, they do try to make you feel welcome at the tables. (They all also seem to have a knack for being able to smile at all times!)

SA Gaming Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

SA Gaming are one of the leading iGaming providers in Asia. Their live casino product is excellent and is offered at some of Asia’s largest and most popular online casinos. A state-of-the-art lobby and game interface ensures players can enjoy a hassle free gaming experience, and loading times are kept to a minimum.

It became clear, when putting this SA Gaming live casino review together that their dealers are really well trained, and they’re incredibly professional. We also like the fact that both Asian and Western games are offered. This definitely paves the way for a European or Americas expansion later down the line.

Thanks to HTML5 SA Gaming’s products can be played from most mobile devices, and other benefits of their software include game-to-game transitions, unique game offerings and varied betting limits. If you’d like to give their games a go for yourself, you’ll find their software offered at the sites shown below.

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