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NetPlay TV is a unique iGaming supplier, as – instead of focusing on offering games online – they started out by broadcasting their games through UK TV channels. In this NetPlay TV live casino review, we’re going to look at how the company started out – how they brought their game portfolio online, and more.

We’re going to begin by looking at the best online casinos to actually play NetPlay’s live dealer games, and we’ll then cover details of the games they offer, and more.

Best NetPlay TV Live Dealer Casino

Company Information and History

NetPlay TV was founded back in 2000. When they were first established, the company focused its development efforts on producing mass-market products for informative and entertainment purposes. Around six years after their creation, however, they turned their attention towards offering games which can be played while watching TV. It was a bold move – but it proved successful – and today, NetPlay TV are one of the largest UK-based live casino operators.

The developer’s games can be found on Sky channel 862, and Channel 5 (at certain times.) Generally, players from outside the UK will be unable to play their games, although this has changed somewhat as they branched into the online iGaming world.

While writing this NetPlay TV live casino review, we wanted to see where the company was based and licensed. Focusing primarily on offering its services to UK players, it comes as no surprise to learn that the provider operates under a license from the UK’s Gambling Commission. All games are independently verified by an approved testing house in the UK, and this ensures their fairness and compliance with local laws.

NetPlay TV Live Casino Review: The Games

At the time of writing this NetPlay TV live casino review, the company offer just one game – Roulette. In the past, they did offer both Blackjack and Baccarat. Unfortunately, these proved to be unpopular with players so they were pulled from the provider’s portfolio. Find out about their Roulette game below:

NetPlay TV’s Live Roulette

NetPlay TV offer European Roulette – meaning the wheel contains a single zero. You can choose to play the game with a presenter (dealer) or an auto wheel. It’s quite a unique game, because there’s no table as such – and an unlimited number of players can player at once. There’s a new game round beginning every couple of minutes, and the dealers are pretty chatty – they’re more like TV presenters than croupiers.

Streaming Quality

NetPlay TV’s games stream in full HD. In fact, to write this NetPlay TV live casino review, we spent a good couple of hours watching their games on British TV – and it’s fair to say the games are really good quality. If you choose to play their games online – as opposed to watching them on TV – you will notice a slight decrease in quality. This is nothing to do with the company itself, and is because the technology for streaming online just isn’t quite as good as that used for live television broadcasts.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

While writing this NetPlay live casino review, our team spent a lot of time playing the developer’s games. One of the first things that jumped out was the lack of a lobby. Instead, the games are accessed directly through the online casinos they’re offered at.

Once inside the games you’ll see quite a bit going on. The games are littered with betting options and information – and at first glance, it can even be a bit overwhelming! All of the game’s settings are found on the right-hand-side of the screen (on the vertical navigation menu), while betting options and chip denominations are placed at the bottom.

Depending on the casino you’re playing at, you’ll be able to play NetPlay TV’s games from as little as 10 credits per game, and as much as 5,000. The operator can choose to increase this limit if they want.

Languages Offered 

As you can probably expect, all of NetPlay TV’s dealers speak English. In fact, this is the only language they offer, as the provider is focusing almost exclusively on the UK market. We were actually quite surprised to see this when writing this NetPlay TV live casino review. Generally, providers will offer dealers speaking at least a couple of languages.

Still, the casinos that actually host NetPlay TV’s live dealer games can choose to offer the user interface in a number of different languages. This is totally operator-dependant however, and there don’t appear to be any specific supported languages available.

NetPlay TV Live Mobile Casino Review

As NetPlay TV branched away from TV and into the online world, their technology changed too – and it’s now possible to play their games from mobile devices. You do not need to download or install any software to begin playing – simply open their games directly through your mobile internet browser. They’re all mobile-optimized, meaning it doesn’t matter what size of screen you’re playing on  the games will fit your screen automatically.

NetPlay TV’s Live Dealers

NetPlay TV employs male and female dealers – although it’s fair to say they’re more presenters than anything else. While writing this NetPlay TV live casino review, we spent quite a bit of time watching the dealers, and we found them to be upbeat, friendly and charismatic. While they lack the class and etiquette of traditional casino croupiers, it’s fair to say they do their job well – and we don’t have any complaints here.

NetPlay TV Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

NetPlay TV has a good little operation going – in the UK. Their games are well-known thanks to their TV presence, and the streaming quality is excellent. We were pleased, while writing this NetPlay TV live casino review to find their TV streams are still available, despite doubts on their future.

Unfortunately, however, NetPlay TV has one major disadvantage; their limited game range. They currently offer just one game – Roulette – and this is a major disadvantage for the company, especially as they expand their operations online. There’s also no option to try their games for free, which is something we always like to see.

Still, if you’re looking to enjoy an upbeat and unique variation of live Roulette, NetPlay TV are a good option – and you’ll find their games at three online casinos. These are all shown below.

Where To Play NetPlay TV’s Live Casino Games?


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