MediaLive is a veteran in the online gambling world, starting their journey all the way back in 2005. Initially, they offered a range of virtual casino games, but just a few years after their creation, they started developing live casino software solutions. Today, they offer a whole host of products in the online gambling word, and in this MediaLive live casino review, we’re going to look at the games they offer, and where they can be played.

We’ll also take a look at the quality of their games, and the different betting options. Let’s begin, however, by looking at some details about the company, and their history.

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Company Information and History

MediaLive was founded in 2005, and not long after it opened its first studio for live casino games in Malta. The company hold a gambling license from the Maltese Gaming Authority. MediaLive are far from being one of the biggest names in the world, and – for a while – they struggled to gain any real notoriety in the iGaming industry. That changed in 2012 however, when they partnered with well-known online casino BetVictor. BetVictor became their first in-house casino, and since then, they’ve grown quite fast in terms of popularity.

The company did experience a setback in 2017 when two of the directors were arrested in Italy. The Italian government claimed that the company was linked to MediaLive – another iGaming company in Italy which was found to be (illegally) offering games to players. The investigation is ongoing.

Despite this hiccup, MediaLive had proven their worth, and we expect them to be a rising figurehead in the world of online gambling over the next few years.

MediaLive Live Casino Review: The Games

MediaLive currently offer three live dealer games and we played them all before writing our MediaLive Live casino review. Find out our thoughts below.

MediaLive’s Live Roulette

MediaLive offer Live Roulette from their custom-built studios along with land-based casinos. They currently stream their Roulette games from the San Remo Casino (Italy), the Olympic Park Casino (Estonia), the Diamond Palace Casino (Croatia), and the Perla and Ble Casinos (Slovenia.) All of their Roulette games are European Roulette, meaning there’s just a single zero.

Players have the ability to watch the game in multiple viewing modes. There’s also a really comprehensive Game History available. Betting options are plentiful, and you’ll find yourself able to place bets on the regular game board, along with a Racetrack, which allows you to place French and Neighbor bets. While the land-based tables tend to be a little slower than those in MediaLive’s custom-build studios, their Roulette games average around 40 games per hour.

In fact, while writing this MediaLive Live casino review, we were really impressed with the quality of the Roulette. All tables loaded quickly and we found it very easy to place bets.

MediaLive’s Live Blackjack

MediaLive’s Live Blackjack is streamed directly from their custom-built studio in Malta. They have two different Blackjack tables. The first, is more of a traditional table, while the second is a green-screen studio, which allows for more of a modern feel.

Both of the Blackjack tables can seat up to 7 players, and there’s a multi-seat options available as well, allowing you to occupy up to three seats at once. Both tables use standard European rules, meaning the dealer takes just one card initially. The dealer will hit all 16s, and draw to 17. As a player, you can Double on any cards, expect splits. The game also uses a total of 8 decks, which are all shuffled manually. Assuming all 7 seats are occupied, MediaLive aim to complete 40 games per hour, which is pretty good!

MediaLive’s Live Baccarat

MediaLive’s Live Baccarat is streamed from their custom-built studio in Malta, along with two of their land-based casinos; Bled and the Diamond Palace. Their Baccarat uses 8 decks, and the game is a multiplayer version, meaning an unlimited number of players can play at once. The usual Baccarat bets are available, and the side bets include Pairs, and Big/Small. The game is fast-paced, with MediaLive aiming to complete some 70 games per hour.

Streaming Quality

MediaLive have clearly invested a lot of time and money into their streaming technology. While writing this MediaLive Live casino review we found their games stream almost all of the time in high-definition, and lag/freezing was minimal. The only times we experienced any buffering was when our internet connection slowed – so generally, this isn’t something you’re going to need to worry about.

MediaLive also utilize a redundant server architecture along with a CDN network to distribute their streams. This ensures optimal stream quality, and allows them to guarantee a stream uptime of 99.5%.

Overall, their streaming system is solid, and as long as your internet connection isn’t constantly dropping out, or extremely slow, you shouldn’t experience any problems while playing.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

MediaLive have invested significant amounts of time and money into building their live casino product. In fact, when we were putting this MediaLive live casino review together, we were continually impressed by the provider’s technology. The gaming tables are clear, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate.

Unlike many live casino providers, MediaLive take a no-clutter approach to their games. The dealer and game table take up the majority of the area, with the betting options and game settings found at the bottom of the screen. One of the most recent additions is their Multi-Window Display. This allows you to view/play up to four games at once. (You don’t need to play four – you can choose to play one, two, three of four games concurrently.) Some of MediaLive’s tables also let you increase the size of game into fullscreen mode. To exit fullscreen, you simply need to tap the decrease screen size icon, or hit the escape button on your keyboard.

When it comes to betting options, you’ll see that MediaLive offer a range of chip denominations. The chips available are – usually – 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2,000. Remember, it’s ultimately up to the casino to decide which betting limits to offer at tables – those are just the standard chip values offered by the provider.

Languages Offered 

MediaLive’s dealers speak both English and Italian. Sometimes, they use both! The English dealers aren’t native speakers, but they’re easy enough to understand, and have a good grasp of the language. If you don’t speak either of these languages, unfortunately, you’ll have to put up with the multilingual UI. This is offered in a number of languages.

MediaLive Live Mobile Casino Review

MediaLive started using HTML5 technology in 2014, and this has allowed their games to be played from mobile devices. Their live dealer games can be played (on mobile devices) in both portrait and landscape mode, and some games – like Roulette – allow you to zoom in on specific parts of the table, allowing you to place chips without squinting! Less complex games like Blackjack and Baccarat look almost identical to their desktop counterparts, with a few subtle changes, to make it easier to see the game’s results from mobile devices.

MediaLive’s Live Dealers

MediaLive’s dealers are both male and female, and they seem to vary quite a bit in terms of their friendliness. Some of the dealers are very ‘proper’, and don’t tend to smile or interact much. Others, are more welcoming, and will greet new players to the table, and wish you good luck before the games begin.

MediaLive Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

MediaLive are one of the smaller live casino providers – and you won’t find many online casinos offering their games. They do, however, have quite a strong presence in Italy, and it’s likely we’ll see them appearing at more sites in the coming months. (MediaLive do hold a gambling license from the UK’s Gambling Commission but you won’t currently find their games at UK-facing sites.)

We found MediaLive’s game range to be reasonable, and you’ll find the staples; Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Their games are also designed with the player in mind. The interfaces are simple, uncluttered and easy-to-navigate. While writing this MediaLive live casino review we were also impressed with the video and audio quality in their games. Buffering is kept to a minimum, and lag/glitches are rare.

If you’d like to try MediaLive’s games for yourself, you can find them at one of our recommended casinos listed below. Choose the site you’d like to play at and click the link – and once you’re all signed up you can start playing right away.

Where To Play MediaLive’s Live Casino Games?


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