LuckyStreak Live are one of the newer additions to the world of live casino gaming, and this Israeli-based company offer a variety of live dealer games for players to enjoy. While LuckStreak Live don’t have as many casinos using their games as some of the bigger live game providers, they’re a growing company. As such, we expect to see their games offered at more and more online casinos as they grow.

In this LuckyStreak Live casino review, we’re going to be taking a look at the games they offer, along with information on where you can play. Let’s begin by taking a look at some company details, and a brief rundown of their history.

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Company Information and History

LuckyStreak Live is a relatively new company, formed in 2014. They’re based in Israel, and this is where the management team is based. Their actual live casino studio is based in Lithuania. The company has been quick to grow, and today, they employ 65 members of staff.

Their infrastructure is built around the idea that it’s easily scalable for operators, and it “combines the newest web technologies with premium video streaming components to create the best possible live gaming experience.”

While LuckyStreak Live have a way to go in terms of the number of operators they work with, they’re done well in the short space of time they’ve been around.

LuckyStreak Live Casino Review: The Games

LuckyStreak Live currently offer three live dealer games. Our team tried every one when writing this LuckyStreak Live casino review – find out our thoughts below.

LuckyStreak Live’s Live Blackjack

LuckyStreak Live offer one Live Blackjack game, and it’s based around relatively commonplace rules. Blackjack pays 3/2, and the dealer stands on all 17s. The game uses Vegas Rules, which means the dealer is drawn two cards initially. (One card is drawn face down.) Up to 7 players can sit at the table, and there are a total of 8 decks used. Insurance is offered, when the dealer’s first card shows and Ace, and pays 2:1. LuckyStreak Live also offer two side bets; Perfect Pair, and 21+3.

There’s a ‘Bet Behind’ option too, which allows players to play behind other seated players. A handy game history also shows the individual history for each player – so you can see who’s running hot/cold! Another thing worth mentioning is the ‘Pre-Decision’ buttons. These allow you to make your betting decisions before the action is on you. This substantially speeds up the gameplay.

LuckyStreak Live’s Live Baccarat

LuckyStreak Live’s Live Baccarat is played using 8 decks, and the game runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a multiplayer game, meaning an unlimited number of players can play at once. There’s a couple of betting options available, including Big/Small, and Pairs side bets, and the usual array of Roadmaps are available as well.

The cards are all shuffled by hand, and the table looks great. The table is presented in a rich blue colour, and it looks smart, professional and inviting. The betting options (along with the game history) is found at the bottom of the screen.

LuckyStreak Live’s Live Roulette

LuckyStreak Live offer one Roulette game – and it’s a European Roulette table, meaning there’s a single zero. The table can facilitate an unlimited number of players, and there’s plenty of betting options. Alongside the regular game board, you’ll also be able to view a Racetrack, so place Neighbor bets.

A comprehensive set of game statistics is offered, so you can see past outcomes. The camera also shows a close-up view of the wheel when the game’s begun, so you can see exactly where the ball lands.

Streaming Quality

Unfortunately, LuckyStreak Live aren’t quite ‘there’ yet, when it comes to delivering players a high-quality stream. For the most part, you will see their games delivered to your device in high-definition, but there’s quite a lot of buffering – even on more stable, reliable internet connections.

This isn’t to say it’s all bad news – it’s not. LuckyStream Live’s games are perfectly playable – you’ll just need to be prepared to experience the odd bit of lag now and then. Hopefully, this is something they’ll be looking to fix in the future as the detrimental playing experience was clear when we were writing this LuckyStreak Live casino review.

For now, however, we’d say there are probably better providers out there if you’re looking to play live dealer games.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

While writing this LuckyStreak Live casino review, it became clear that – like many live dealer providers – the developer use a lobby-based approach to display their games. When you play at a casino offering LuckyStreak Live’s games, you’ll be greeted by a lobby which showcases the various games available. This tells you the name of the game, the dealer currently active at the table, along with the number of seats available. You can also view a limited game history before deciding which game to play.

The games themselves are relatively easy-to-navigate,  and LuckyStreak Live have taken a no-clutter approach. You’ll see that the game’s settings and options are found either at the top or bottom of the screen, behind a slick black bar. This means there’s no intrusive buttons popping out at you on the screen.

When it comes to betting options it’s worth pointing out that it’s up to the casino hosting the games to decide which stake sizes to offer. LuckyStreak Live generally allow their games to be played from between 0.50 and 15,000 credits per game.

Languages Offered 

LuckyStreak Live’s dealers speak English, Russian and Turkish. All of the dealers are relatively fluent in the language they’re speaking, and you shouldn’t experience any issues understanding them. When writing this LuckyStreak Live casino review we also found them all to be friendly and courteous.

The UI itself supports Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch – along with a few other, less-common languages – and this means you’ll always be able to play the games, even if you can’t understand what the dealers are saying. There’s an easy way to tell which language is spoken at a table as well; in the lobby, the games all have a small flag overlaid on them – and this tells you which language is being spoken.

LuckyStreak Live Mobile Casino Review

LuckyStreak Live’s live dealer games are available to play on mobile phones and tablets too. This is made possible as they’re developed using HTML5 technology. All of the games play only in landscape mode from mobile devices – so this is worth remembering. Some games, like Roulette, also only offer a multi-view mode, which changes the camera angle frequently, along with sometimes going over to the betting table itself. This is good, as it means you get a good view of all of the different betting areas, and means you’re not squinting too hard to try and work out which chip values you’re putting down!

LuckyStreak Live’s Dealers

All of LucksSreak Live’s dealers are friendly, relaxed and happy to chat, and they’re a mixture of male and females. They’re all really well trained, and as soon as you enter the game, they will greet you by name – a nice touch! Because LuckyStreak Live is still somewhat of a small operation, it’s common for the dealers to remember regular players. We really couldn’t ask for much more – all of the dealers are super engaging, and look happy!

LuckyStreak Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

LuckyStreak Live offer a good range of games, and overall their software is pretty decent. It’s clear they’ve built their live games with the player in mind and this is reflected in the clean, uncluttered user interface.

We liked the fact that they offer the three main live games – Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat – but in the future it would be nice to see them add some variety to their game range. The only real negative we came across when writing this LuckyStreak Live casino review was the streaming quality. Their games tend to buffer quite frequently. This is a major annoyance and, on slower internet connections, can completely ruin the gameplay.

Overall, though, LuckyStreak Live have built a solid product and they’ve hinted that they’ll be applying for a license from the UK’s Gambling Commission in the future – so keep an eye out if you’re in the UK!

If you’d like to give LuckyStreak Live’s games a go for yourself you can check them out at the casinos shown below. Simply choose the site you’d like to play at, click the link and create your account – you’ll be able to start playing right away.

Where To Play LuckyStreak Live’s Casino Games?


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