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Lotus Gaming are a relatively new name in the live casino industry but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, as you’ll see from this Lotus Gaming live casino review the company has developed a solid product offering and we’re going to show you exactly what they have to offer.

We’ll begin this review with some basic company information and background. Later on, we’ll look at all of the live dealer games they offer, details of their platform and more.

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Company Information and History

Lotus Gaming are an iGaming developer focusing on the Asian market. Alongside their live casino product they offer video slots in partnership with Top Trend Gaming. Lotus Gaming offer “cutting-edge technology”, and it aims to use this to give players the best gaming experience possible.

When we were writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review we were impressed to find the company has recently opened a new office in the Philippines. They are headquartered here, and their custom-built game studios are also found here.

While they don’t yet have the experience of some of the bigger developers like Evolution Gaming or Playtech, Lotus Gaming have built a solid product, and it’s likely we’ll see it rolled out to more online casinos in the future.

Lotus Gaming Live Casino Review: The Games

At the time of writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review the provider offer a total of six games. This includes popular titles like Roulette and Blackjack, along with some niche games – Red and White is a prime example. Learn all about their games below.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Baccarat

When we were writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review we spent a fair bit of time trying out their live Baccarat. We were actually really impressed with it, and one of the first things that jumped out at us was the clear and simple design of the table. It’s easy to use and everything looks nicely contained.

You’ll find full Roadmaps available at the bottom of the screen. Just above this is where you’ll see the different chip denominations too. Lotus Gaming aim to complete a round every 50 seconds and there’s also a few site bet options available.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Roulette

Lotus Gaming offer European Roulette – that means there’s a single zero on the wheel. A new round begins every 90 seconds, and this means there’s an average of 960 game rounds played each day.

Like most providers, Lotus Gaming offer a number of betting options, and there’s a Racetrack view which allows you to easily place neighbor bets. At the bottom of the screen Baccarat-like Roadmaps are on show. This lets you view the results from past game rounds. It’s also possible to view different camera angles. This lets you customise the game to how you want.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Sic Bo

Lotus Gaming offer a fairly decent version of Sic Bo. A game takes place every minute, so there’s an average of 1,440 different rounds played each day. Sic Bo is a game which uses 3 dice – and your job is to try and predict the outcome of the dice once they’ve been rolled.

There’s over 50 bet options in Lotus Gamings’ version and this includes Small/Big, Odd/Even, Triple Game, Number Total Bet and Single Number Bet. A complete set of Baccarat-like Roadmaps are available at the bottom of the screen too. This lets you view the results of past game rounds.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a popular Asian card game which is based loosely on Baccarat. In it, two cards are dealt – the Dragon and the Tiger. As player, your job is to try and guess which card will be higher. It’s a very simple game, and there’s only three betting options; the Dragon, the Tiger, and Tie.

Lotus Gaming aim to deal a full round every minute, and this equates to 1,440 games each day. Like all of their live dealer games the interface is clean, easy to use and fast.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Hold’em

Lotus Gaming’s live Hold’em is slightly different to Western variations of the game. To begin with, the dealer deals two cards to three spots; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once these cards are dealt you can choose which hand you want to back. Five community cards are then dealt, and betting rounds continue. The best possible five-card hand wins, and all in all it’s a decent game.

A new game round begins every 90 seconds and one deck of cards is used. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Baccarat-like Roadmap. This shows you past results and lets you see the results from previous hands.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Red and White

We were impressed, when writing this Lotus Gaming review to find they offer Red and White. This is a new game, and it’s inspired by a Filipino street game that is often played during festivals and celebrations. The dealer throws a ping pong ball into a box, and your job is to try and predict which segment the ball will land in.

Lotus Gamings’ Red and White is pretty easy to play, and there’s not many betting options available – just six. This makes it simple, and we had quite a bit of fun trying it out! To the bottom of the screen you’ll see Baccarat-like Roadmaps, and these show you the results for past game rounds. A new game starts every minute, and this means there’s an average of 1,440 rounds played each day.

Streaming Quality

Despite being a new face on the block, Lotus Gaming have put together a really solid product. In fact, while we were writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review we found their games to be extremely responsive, and they’re incredibly low latency, which means you can enjoy a great-looking picture.

Their games run smoothly on most internet connections, and a few customisable options let you change things to suit your personal preferences. The first time you enter their gaming lobby it can take a bit of time to load things up, but once you’ve entered it once it will be much faster next time round.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

Like virtually every Asian live casino provider, Lotus Gaming offer their games through a lobby. This is a one-stop-shop for players, and once inside the lobby you can choose which games you want to play, make deposits and more. We had no problems getting into the lobby while putting this Lotus Gaming live casino review together.

The games themselves are packed full of options. Thankfully, Lotus Gaming pull it off well, and it doesn’t look too complicated. On the left-hand-side of the screen you’ll be able to view some basic information. This includes the betting timer, your total bet, and your account balance.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll find a history panel (where you can view the results of past game rounds), bet denominations, and a re-bet, cancel bet and undo bet option. To the right-hand-side of the screen you’ll be able to view other live dealer games which you can join at the click of a button.

Languages Offered 

Unfortunately, while writing our Lotus Gaming live casino review we weren’t able to find any way to change the interface language. It is, thankfully, offered in English so you shouldn’t have any issues understanding your way around.

Their dealers also appear to follow the likes of most Asian croupiers in that they’re silent. They will welcome new players to the table and make some very basic, generic gestures, but you won’t find them chatting along or commenting on the hands.

Lotus Gaming Live Mobile Casino Review

Lotus Gaming built all of their games using HTML5 technology. In short, this means you’ll be able to play them from your mobile devices. We weren’t able to test them while writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review, but we’re happy to take the developer for their word here – they certainly appear to be mobile optimised.

Lotus Gaming’s Live Dealers

Lotus Gaming’s dealers are all young, attractive Asian women. While they’re not talkative at the tables they are friendly, and it’s clear they know what they’re doing. When we were putting this Lotus Gaming live casino review together we were really impressed with their professional nature.

Lotus Gaming Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

While Lotus Gaming are one of the newest providers to enter the live casino industry it’s clear they know what they’re doing. They offer a solid product – one that’s really easy to use – and their betting interface is clean and easy to navigate.

The only real downside we found when writing this Lotus Gaming live casino review was the small size of their game range. They also don’t offer Blackjack which is something Western players will probably miss. Still, they do offer a unique Red and White game, and it’s nice to see they’re offering something a bit different.

Due to the fact Lotus Gaming are still relatively new in the online gambling world, their games aren’t yet available at many online casinos. You can find them, but don’t expect to see them offered at big-name casinos – yet. If you’d like to try them for yourself, you will find their software used at the casinos listed below.

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