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Gold Deluxe is an Asian-focused game provider, offering a range of live dealer games. In this Gold Deluxe live casino review, we’re going to cover all there is to know about the company. We’ll begin by looking at where to play Gold Deluxe’s live dealer games, followed by a brief history of the company. Later on, we’ll also look at all aspects of the developer’s product, from the dealers they use, to the quality of their streaming technology.

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Company Information and History

Gold Deluxe was established in 2011 in the Philippines. From the moment they started producing live dealer games they became a popular choice for both players and iGaming operators, as their games are all built of the highest quality. They are also one of the only Asian-facing live casino providers to offer Roulette.

Gold Deluxe was quick to grow, and today, they employ over 100 members of staff. They have also begun to expand their operations beyond Asian countries. While they’re yet to become a mainstream name in the Western iGaming world, the company have their sights set on penetrating the European market, so it’s likely we’ll see their games offered at more online casinos in the near future.

A big part of writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review was looking at where the provider’s games can be found, and which gambling licenses they hold. The company is licensed in the Philippines, through First Cagayan. Each game they produce is independently verified by a 3rd-party testing house. This ensures their games are all fair, and adhere to local regulations and laws.

Gold Deluxe Live Casino Review: The Games

As we wrote this Gold Deluxe live casino review, we wanted to see exactly what games the provider offered. So, we created a demo account and logged into the game lobby. Unfortunately, we were a bit disappointed to see that they – currently – only offer three live dealer games. You can find out which these are below:

Gold Deluxe’s Live Roulette

Gold Deluxe offer Dynamic Roulette, and here, players can choose one of three different game modes: Standard, 32-47-71, and 29-59-89-119. All three options are European Roulette (meaning they’re single zero wheels) and there are dynamic odds available on the straight-up number bets. Like we see in all of Gold Deluxe’s live dealer games, the interface is clean and easy-to-navigate, and you’ll find the main menu, game settings and other features to the sides of the screen.

Betting wise, players can choose to place bets using the regular Roulette grid, or through the Racetrack. There’s also detailed game history available, and this allows you to see Hot/Cold numbers, as well as the evens/odds outcomes for recent games.

Gold Deluxe’s Live Baccarat

Baccarat is Gold Deluxe’s most popular live casino game – and for good reason. The game is streamed live from their studio in the Philippines, and the game is played to traditional Baccarat rules. There’s a wide variety of betting options available, and there’s a fair few side bets available too. These include Big/Small, Banker/Player Pairs, Super 6, Perfect Pair and Non-Commission Player.

The game itself is well laid out, and the betting grid is easy to read. There’s full roadmaps available along with the results of past game rounds. You can also chat and tip the dealer directly. During the time we spent writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review, we’d say their Baccarat game was our favourite.

Gold Deluxe’s Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game in Asia, and it’s no surprise to see that Gold Deluxe offer it within their live dealer casino. The game’s incredibly simple to pick up, and all you need to do is place bets on what you think the outcome of three dice rolled will be. The game offers over 50 different betting options, and you can see the dice being rolled in the centre of the screen.

Like all of Gold Deluxe’s live dealer games, you can view the results and statistics of past game rounds. It’s also possible to chat with the dealer. If you like, you can also tip them too.

Streaming Quality

Unfortunately, Gold Deluxe’s games aren’t quite up to the standards we’ve come to expect from live casino providers. We spent a fair bit of time trying out their games while writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review – and while they do work, the graphics are pretty pixelated at times, and the software can be slow – especially during start up. That being said, the company’s new HTML5 technology has improved things quite a bit – but they’ve got a way to go before they’re matching the quality offered by providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

When we were writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review, we weren’t surprised to see that their games are accessed by going through a dedicated lobby. This is commonplace for Asian-based live providers. Once inside the lobby you’ll see the games currently available, along with some limited game history. Each game has a choice of two betting limit ranges.

Once you’ve selected which game you want to play you’ll be taken to the betting interface. (From our experience it can take a while for the games to load up.) The playing interfaces are pretty basic, and there’s not much to look at – the main features are the chip denominations, and a couple of menus. These menus allow you to access game settings.

Gold Deluxe also offer a Multi-Table option. This allows you to choose up to three different games – these games can them be played simultaneously from within one game window.

Languages Offered 

When writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review, we weren’t surprised to find that the provider’s dealers are silent. This is something we’re used to seeing from Asian providers – and subsequently, the playing experience is a bit odd if you’re used to Western games. Still, the game interface is offered in a number of different languages; English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Korean.

Gold Deluxe Live Mobile Casino Review

Gold Deluxe build their live casino games using HTML5 technology. This means you can play from your mobile devices. You don’t need to download or install any software – instead, just load the games directly through your mobile internet browser.

Aside from being built in HTML5, Gold Deluxe’s live casino games are fully mobile-optimized too. You’ll see that the betting grid is placed at the bottom of the screen, with the live stream visible at the top. The burger menu in the top-left-hand-corner allows you to access game settings, language settings, betting limit information, rules, along with some general quality options. On some games, like Roulette, you can also switch between the standard betting grid and the special Racetrack.

Gold Deluxe’s Live Dealers

You can imagine our surprise when – while writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review – we found the provider referred to their dealers as “beauties”. While their language may be a little crass, it’s fair to say the dealers they use are attractive young women – you won’t find any males here. As they’re all silent, you won’t be able to interface with them, but they do try to make you feel welcome by cracking the odd smile.

Gold Deluxe Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Gold Deluxe may be a growing name in the Asian iGaming world, but it’s unlikely we’ll see them making headway in European markets any time soon. Their game range is extremely limited, and until they offer a more diverse portfolio, we can’t see them catching up with mainstream names like Evolution Gaming or NetEnt.

It’s also quite hard to actually find Gold Deluxe’s live dealer games online. It took us a long time to locate casinos offering them when writing this Gold Deluxe live casino review.

It’s not all bad news though – the games they do offer are relatively good. The video quality isn’t amazing, but it is what it is. If you’d like to try Gold Deluxe’s games for yourself, you’ll find their software used at the casinos listed below.

Where To Play Gold Deluxe’s Live Casino Games?


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