Ezugi are a well-known name in the live casino games industry, and they’ve cemented themselves as one of the market leaders, thanks to the high-quality range of products. Along with offering live dealer games, Ezugi also offer a range of turnkey gaming solutions, for operators to take advantage of. In this Ezugi live casino review, we’re going to be taking a look at the games they offer, and the quality of their games.

We’ll also look at where you can play Ezugi’s live dealer games… and we’ll begin by taking a look at the company themselves, and their history. At the end of this post, we’ll show you the best online casinos to play Ezugi’s games at.

Best Ezugi Live Dealer Casino

Company Information and History

Ezugi was founded in 2012, by – in their own words – “industry veterans.” The company develops a range of state-of-the-art mobile/web live casino games, retention and distribution software solutions to operators, and games to land-based casinos and betting shops.

Since their foundation, Ezugi has grown rapidly and they now operate a total of 9 gaming studios, with 20 games making up their live casino game portfolio. At the time of writing, Ezugi’s games can be played at more than 100 online casinos, and new operators are choosing their games each week.

Ezugi is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. All of their games are also independently verified by 3rd-party testing houses. These include SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse.

Ezugi Live Casino Review: The Games

Ezugi offer a number of different live dealer games – 12 in total, at the time of writing. We spent time playing each and every one before writing this Ezugi live casino review. Find out our thoughts below.

Ezugi’s Live Blackjack

Ezugi’s Live Blackjack table is a standard 7-seat table, and the game is played with a total of 8 decks. If you like to play more than one hand, you can – space permitting – occupy multiple seats. Ezugi’s Blackjack rules allow you to take Insurance, as well as Surrender. Normal rules surrounding Splitting and Doubling Down apply.

There are two side bets offered; Perfect Pairs and 21+3, and players also have the option to ‘Bet Behind’, if the table is full.

Ezugi’s Live Hybrid Blackjack

Hybrid Blackjack is Ezugi’s version of “Unlimited Blackjack” – a popular game found at many online casinos. There are 7-seats available, but players can play an unlimited number of hands. Your betting decisions do not affect other players. The way it’s built, means it’s generally well-suited to low-rollers.

As with Ezugi’s normal Blackjack, Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an Ace, and it’s also possible to surrender your hand. The regular rules surrounding Splitting and Doubling Down apply. Two side bets are offered, including Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Ezugi’s Live Unlimited Blackjack + Automatic Splits

This is a pretty unique game offered by Ezugi, and it’s played with a total of 8 decks. An unlimited number of players can play; but, there is only one player position. Any player hands with 2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, or A-A are automatically split. Players are able to double on any hand, and doubles are allowed after splits. Insurance can also be taken when the dealer’s card shows an Ace.

There are two side bets offered, including Perfect Pairs and 21+3. The game is quite cool, but as mentioned splits are done automatically, so you should be aware that cash can be taken from your balance in these scenarios. This was something that caught us off guard when writing this Ezugi live casino review.

Ezugi’s Live Roulette

Ezugi use European Roulette as their ‘base’, and this is a single-zero game. Like we’ve seen in a number of Ezugi’s games, their Live Roulette features a wide variety of Game History information. This allows you to view Hot/Cold numbers, Winning numbers, and more.

Betting options are plentiful, and you’ll find yourself able to place Call Bets, French Bets… and there’s also a Racetrack betting option, too.

Ezugi’s Live Baccarat

Ezugi’s Live Baccarat is played with a total of 8 decks. Like many of their live dealer games, it’s a Multiplayer game, which allows an unlimited number of players to play at once. All of the classic Roadmap betting options are available, and you can easily toggle them to display. The side bet options available include Pairs, Big & Small, Dragon/Tiger, and Knockout Baccarat.

Like all of Ezugi’s live dealer games, Live Baccarat is easy-to-navigate, and the chip denominations are found right at the bottom of the screen. There’s also detailed game history available, which is found at the top left and right-hand-corners. Our team said that the provider’s Baccarat was their favourite game when they were writing this Ezugi live casino review – something to consider!

Ezugi’s Live Casino Hold’Em

Ezugi’s Live Casino Hold’Em uses one deck of cards, and it’s a multiplayer game. This means an unlimited number of players can play. The display is a bit lacking – there’s not much going on – but it’s easy enough to navigate. There’s also just one bonus bet available – Aces or Better. The dealer qualifies by making a pair of 4s or better.

Ezugi’s Live Sic Bo Dice

Sic Bo has grown in popularity over the past few years – particularly as more players are able to enjoy it online – and Ezugi’s version of the game is called Live Sic Bo Dice. This game is played with three dice wheels, and it’s a multiplayer game, meaning an unlimited number of players can play.

There’s a staggering 50 betting options available – and you can see these all spread out on the game board. This vast number of betting options means players can ‘mix up’ their play. As with all of Ezugi’s games, a brief game history is available, too.

Ezugi’s Live Lottery

Live Lottery is a new concept from Ezugi, and this game is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A new game begins every 4 to 6 minutes, and there are a total of 49 balls in play. As the player, you bet on outcome of the balls drawn. You can bet on what the actual numbers will be, along with Group Betting, total Sums, or Colours.

The game screen is more cluttered than some of Ezugi’s other games, and everything seems quite big. Still, it’s easy enough to place bets and see the game play out.

Ezugi’s Live Keno

Keno is a game which you’ll see frequenting most land-based casinos in the USA – and now, you can play it online, too! Ezugi offer Live Keno, and a new game round begins every 3 minutes. You get to choose from between one and eight balls, and 20 balls are then drawn (out of a total possible 80.) There’s a handy “Favourite Bet” feature, which allows you to ‘save’ your favourite bets, and there’s also detailed game history.

Ezugi’s Live Bet On Numbers

Bet on Numbers is a lottery-based game from Ezugi. A new game begins every 3 minutes. Each round, there are 6 numbers drawn out of 36. As the player, you get to bet on a total of 36 different betting options, and this includes betting on numbers, colours, and the total sum of all numbers.

It’s pretty easy to pick up, and it’s quite a bit of fun to play, so definitely consider giving it a go if you get the opportunity.

Ezugi’s Live Knockout Baccarat

Knockout Baccarat is a unique game that we were impressed to see when writing this Ezugi live casino review. Essentially, it’s a game of Baccarat – but there are 7 different side bet options too. The game is incredibly easy to learn, and it’s a great way of increasing the volatility of Baccarat – a game which is notoriously low variance.

Knockout Baccarat can host an unlimited number of players, and there’s all the classic Roadmaps available.

Ezugi’s Live Baccarat Super 6

Ezugi’s Live Baccarat Super 6 is a variation of Baccarat, featuring slightly different payout structures. Running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and able to seat an unlimited number of players Baccarat Super 6 contains the ‘Super 6’ side bet. This bet pays out if the Banker’s hand totals 6.

Along with all of Ezugi’s other games, Baccarat Super 6 is easy-to-play, and players familiar with Baccarat will have no problems picking it up. There’s also a detailed Game History available too, so you can view the results of past rounds.

Ezugi’s Live Baccarat – Dragon Bonus

Baccarat is one of Ezugi’s most popular live dealer games, and they decide to add the ‘Dragon Bonus’ variant, to further extend their range. Baccarat – Dragon Bonus – is identical to regular Baccarat, with an optional Player and Banker bonus. This side bet is won when the hand has a higher natural point count than the opposing hand – or, if the winning hand is at least 4 points higher than the losing hand. Basically, the more the winning hand wins by, the bigger the payout.

Other than this side bet, the game remains identical. It’s also multiplayer, so an unlimited number of players can play the game. There are also classic Roadmaps, which helps players to stay on track of various betting trends.

Ezugi’s Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a popular two-card game, where the player bets on which hand he or she thinks will win. It’s incredibly simple-to-understand, and it’s like Baccarat in many ways. Ezugi’s Live Dragon Tiger is pretty chilled out, easy-to-play, and acts as a nice alternative to conventional Baccarat. Like all their live dealer games, there’s a detailed Game History available, too.

Streaming Quality

One of the things we looked for when writing this Ezugi live casino review was the overall streaming quality. We also looked at whether players can adjust the audio and video settings. We were pleased to find Ezugi tick all the boxes here and you’ll find yourself able to customize the audio/visual settings to suit your personal preferences.

Naturally, this means you can adjust the visuals should you be playing from a slower, less-stable internet connection. Generally speaking though, Ezugi’s live dealer games stream well, and they appear on your screen in high-definition almost all of the time. The only exception to this, as already mentioned, is where you’re playing on a weak connection.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

When writing this Ezugi live casino review, we noticed that most casinos featuring the provider’s games used the default lobby. The lobby area is where you can browse through the various games on offer. Once you’ve found the game you want to play, you simply press the “Play” button. In the lobby, you can view details about the table. This includes who the dealer is, how many seats there are available, as well as a brief game history.

We found Ezugi’s live casino games to be easy-to-navigate and placing betting chips is made simple thanks to the clear nature of the interface. While the betting options varies depending on the casino you’re choosing to play at, most of Ezugi’s games can be played from between 1 and 3,000 credits per game. On some games like Roulette, you can bet as little as 0.10 credits.

Languages Offered 

The vast majority of Ezugi’s live dealer games are offered in English, although occasionally you’ll find tables hosted by Turkish and Spanish-speaking croupiers. If a game isn’t presented by an English-speaking dealer, you’ll see a small flag over the game (in the lobby), letting you know which language is being spoken. As you’d expect, the UI is multilingual, and is offered in a number of languages, so you shouldn’t experience any problems here.

Ezugi Live Mobile Casino Review

As Ezugi’s games are built using HTML5, you’ll find yourself able to play them from your mobile devices. The games are – mostly – the same, although there are some small differences. You may also need to tilt your device into landscape mode in order to play. One thing we particularly liked when constructing this Ezugi live casino review was that the developer have optimized all of their games for use on Smart TVs. You can then use your mobile device as a ‘controller’ – a little ‘out there’ but a cool addition nonetheless.

Ezugi’s Live Dealers

Ezugi’s live dealers are, for the most part, friendly, professional, and well-trained. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all their dealers – and we found (on more than one occasion), that there were dealers who appeared disinterested with the job they were doing. Still, they are friendly enough, and Ezugi employ a mixture of male and female croupiers – though there are definitely more women than men!

Ezugi Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Ezugi may not be one of the biggest providers in the live iGaming world but they’re certainly doing this right. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing their games are more online casinos in the coming months. While writing this Ezugi live casino review we found that all of their games use a clear, high-quality user interface – and this makes placing bets and playing hassle-free.

We also like the fact that Ezugi are upfront with their return to player (RTP) rates. They also make it incredibly easy to view the house rules from within the games. Their game range is also superb, and they’re an excellent all-rounder provider, offering everything from Blackjack and Roulette to Dragon Tiger and Bet on Numbers.

If you’re looking for a live casino provider with great games, great interfaces and full mobile functionality you can’t go wrong with Ezugi. If you’d like to play them for yourself, join one of our recommended casinos below – they all offer Ezugi’s games.

Where To Play Ezugi’s Live Casino Games?


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