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Evolution Gaming are an award-winning provider of live casino games, and they’re by far, the most respected name in the live gaming industry. Offering a huge range of games, Evolution Gaming can be found at a massive number of online casinos, and their state-of-the-art infrastructure and streaming technologies has helped them cement themselves as a true market leader.

In this Evolution Gaming live casino review, we’re going to take a look at who the company are, what games they offer, and where to play their games. Let’s begin by looking at some details about the company, and their history in the iGaming industry.

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Company Information and History

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006, and from the offset they had one main goal; to develop high-quality live casino games. For the first few years they remained a relatively unknown name in the online gambling world, and it wasn’t until 2010 that they started enjoying mainstream success.

Since that date, they’ve gone from strength to strength, and later in the year they won their first award – the EGR Live Casino Software Supplier of the Year and Software Rising Star of the Year. In fact, Evolution Gaming continue to win awards, both for their gaming system and their willingness to build products that players love.

Since these awards, Evolution Gaming have been recognized – almost globally – as the undisputed leader in the live casino world. Today, they offer a host of different games, and they hold gambling licenses from the UK’s Gambling Commission, the Maltese Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Evolution Gaming Live Casino Review: The Games

Evolution Gaming offer a staggering number of games – and we played each and every one when writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review. Find out all about them below.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Roulette

Roulette is, by far, Evolution Gaming’s biggest offering – and they offer 11 different versions. While it took our team quite some time to play them all when writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review – we did just that, and you can read about our thoughts below.

Immersive Roulette: Immersive Roulette is a “world-first” from Evolution Gaming. It’s based around European Roulette, but it’s designed to get players closer to the action. This is achieved by using a number of Hollywood-style cameras, covering different parts of the wheel and the dealer. Once the dealer’s spun the wheel, different cameras follow the ball’s every move – and it’s all delivered in 200-frames-per-second HD video. Once the game has ended, a slow motion replay shows the ball landing in the winning number, adding to the premium feel.

Immersive Lite: Immersive Lite is similar to Immersive Roulette, with the main difference being that operators can customize the number of cameras used at the table. The slow motion replay isn’t available in Immersive Lite – designed to speed the game up slightly – but the quality is definitely there still.

European Roulette: Evolution Gaming’s most popular Roulette game, European Roulette uses a single zero format. The developer offer a massive number of standard and VIP European Roulette tables, with varying betting limits, and the game’s user interface is extremely easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. There’s also the ability for players to create ‘Favourite Bets’ – saving the hassle of manually placing chips on the table each game round.

Speed Roulette: Speed Roulette is a fast-paced game from Evolution Gaming, based on European Roulette. A total game round here takes just 25 seconds, allowing players to enjoy more game time. Evolution Gaming created a special Roulette wheel just for this game to ensure the ball spins as quickly as possible.

French Roulette: French Roulette is identical to European Roulette – aside from one main exception: it includes the La Partage rule. If a player places an even-money bet, and the ball lands on zero, half the stake is returned instead of a full loss. French Roulette also uses a slightly different table layout, allowing players to place some special French bets.

Native Speaking Roulette: Evolution Gaming offer a number of ‘Native Speaking Roulette’ tables, allowing operators to offer European Roulette in specific languages. Currently, the Native Speaking Roulette games available include London Roulette, Venezia Roulette, Deutsches Roulette and Svensk Roulette. All the games are themed around their respective country’s capital city – and the games look great!

Live Double Ball Roulette: This is another world-first from Evolution Gaming, and it’s a unique take on European Roulette. Currently, Evolution Gaming are the only live casino provider to offer this game online. (It can, however, be found in a number of land-based casinos.) On each spin, there are two balls that spin around the wheel – and this increases the potential payout odds up to 1300/1!

Dual Play Roulette: Dual Play Roulette is offered to casinos that have a land-based casino operation. It allows the casino to set up their table so the game can be played by punters online – as well as at the table itself, in person. Basically, Evolution Gaming setup the table with cameras and the necessary technology, and provide the software to make it all work!

Mini Live Roulette: Mini Live Roulette is a scaled-down variation of European Roulette. The window measures just 200X230 pixels, and it’s designed to allow players to play it alongside other games.

Slingshot Auto Roulette: Slingshot Auto Roulette is offered in both standard and VIP formats. It’s a variation of European Roulette, with the only real difference being the fact that there’s no dealer involved. Instead, the ball is launched automatically, cutting down on the time between games. The provider state that Slingshot Auto Roulette can run between 60 and 80 games rounds per hour.

American Roulette: While usually best avoided (due to poor odds), American Roulette is another game offered by Evolution Gaming. The game features an extra number – the double zero (00) – and it also offers some additional bet types, including the popular ‘Five Bet’ option.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette was released well before our Evolution Gaming live casino review was written – and we knew all too well how popular the game was proving with players.

Lightning Roulette is a game-changing variation of Roulette released by Evolution Gaming at the start of 2018. The game’s based around European Roulette – but there’s some major differences. In each round, between one and five numbers are chosen at random. These numbers become “Lucky Numbers”. Each of these numbers then awards enhanced payouts of between 50X and 500X – far greater than the regular 35/1 offered on regular Roulette tables.

Now, to compensate for this change, all non-multiplied Straight Bets pay out at 30/1. All other bets pay the same as standard Roulette. Lightning Roulette has quickly become one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular releases in history, and it’s not hard to see why so many players like playing it. The colossal payout potential means there’s massive chances of winning big!

Evolution Gaming’s Live Dream Catcher

Many players will have seen or played Wheel of Fortune-type games in land-based casinos and online – but Evolution Gaming wanted to step it up a notch. To do so, they released Live Dream Catcher – a Live Money Wheel game, with a unique twist on old-school Wheel of Fortune games.

Dream Catcher uses a custom-built, precision-engineered bespoke wheel device, and it was built exclusively for Evolution Gaming by TCSJOHNHUXLEY. The game’s hosted by a flamboyant presenter, and as a player, you simply need to place a bet on which number you think the wheel will stop on. The numbers are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40. If you bet on the correct number, your payout is multiplied by the number. So, for instance, a £5 wager on the number 10 would result in a payout of £55, if correct.

On the wheel, there are also multiplier notches – 2X and 7X. If the wheel lands on one of these multiplier values, a re-spin is played. On this re-spin, all payouts are multiplied by the designated multiplier. If, on the re-spin (or subsequent re-spins) a multiplier lands again, another re-spin is awarded. Here, the multiplier values multiply against one another, for some super-sized payout potential.

Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live

After the success of Live Dream Catcher, Evolution Gaming decided to up the ante… Monopoly Live was the result. Monopoly Live has been created in partnership with Hasbro – the company who own the rights to the Monopoly franchise – and it’s like Dream Catcher on steroids.

Like Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live uses a giant Wheel of Fortune… and the main difference here, is that there’s bonus rounds – like you’d find in popular video slots. If the bonus round is triggered, players enter a 3D Monopoly world, where their progression around the board is determined by a pair of dice. Naturally, the further around the board you get, the bigger the prizes you can win. There’s also a ‘Chance Card’ notch on the wheel. When this lands, the player is presented with a ‘Chance Card’ by Mr. Monopoly. A random cash prize, or a random multiplier bonus will then be awarded.

We spent well over an hour playing Monopoly Live before writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review. It’s fair to say we weren’t left disappointed. If you can enter the bonus with 4 rolls you’ll tend to walk away with a pretty decent profit and even the 2-roll bonus can award big prizes.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack

Evolution Gaming offer two main variations of Live Blackjack, which you can read about below. They also offer some side bets, which we’ll look at later on too.

Live Blackjack: Live Blackjack is Evolution Gaming’s main Blackjack table, and it seats up to 7 players. It’s a normal variation of Blackjack, and you’ll be able to take (optional) insurance, double down, and split any pairs. Both of the dealer’s cards are dealt at the beginning, and the dealer ‘checks for Blackjack’.

Blackjack Party: Blackjack Party is identical to Live Blackjack – aside from lower betting limits, and a more relaxed, chilled-out vibe. The dealers are more upbeat, talkative, and humorous, and it’s meant to emulate a Blackjack table in a busy casino on a Friday or Saturday night.

All of Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack tables use “Bet Behind’ technology. This allows a “virtually limitless number of players to place bets behind one or more of the main 7 players seated at the table.”

There are also two different side bets offered:

Perfect Pairs: If the first two cards dealt to a player are a mixed, coloured, or perfect pair, they win a payout worth up to 30/1.

21+3: If the player’s first two cards, and the dealer’s first card make up a poker hand, a payout is awarded.

The final thing to point out, is the “Pre-Decision” mechanism Evolution Gaming offer in all their Live Blackjack variations. This allows you to make your decision (whether to hit, stand, double down or split) as soon as the hands are dealt. This significantly speeds up the game, and means you can make a decision before the action gets round to you. This was one of the best features we found when writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review – it’s something we feel all developers should incorporate into their live Blackjack.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack is much like Evolution Gaming’s regular Live Blackjack games, with unlimited seats, lower betting limits, and some extra side bet options. First, let’s take a look at the side bets:

  • Any Pair: If the player’s first two cards are a pair, a payout is awarded.
  • 21+3: If the player’s first two cards, and the dealer’s first card make a poker hand, a payout is awarded.
  • Hot 3: If the player’s first two cards total 19, 20, or 21 a payout is awarded. The top payout is awarded is a player managed to be dealt 7, 7, and the dealer’s first card is a 7.
  • Bust It: The Bust It side bet pays out an increasing amount if the dealer busts with a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 or more cards in their hand.

Infinite Blackjack also features the ‘Six Card Charlie Rule’. This pays out on a six-card hand of 21 or less – regardless of whether the dealer gets Blackjack or not. There’s no additional cost for this, and it’s included with the player’s main bet.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat

Like their Live Roulette and Blackjack games, Evolution Gaming offer a number of variations of Baccarat. This includes Live Baccarat, Multi-Camera Live Baccarat, Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, and Live Speed Baccarat.

All of their Baccarat variations offer a choice of roads, including the Big Eye, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. There are also a number of side bet options available, including Pairs, Player Bonus, Banker Bonus, Either Pair, and Perfect Pairs. It’s up to the operator to decide if they want to offer players the side bets mentioned above.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game based on Baccarat, and our team had a ton of fun playing it while writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review. In Evolution Gaming’s version, just two cards are dealt; the Dragon, and the Tiger. As the player, you simply need to bet on which card you think will be higher, or whether the cards will total a tie. Like all of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games, the game screen showcases a full range of statistics, details about the game history, and number of betting roads.

There are two side bets in Dragon Tiger. The first, is the Tie Bet. If a player places this bet, and the two cards dealt are equal values, the player is awarded a payout of 11:1. The second side bet is called ‘Suited Tie Bet’. If the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal in both suit and rank, the player is awarded a payout of 50:1. (Dragon Tiger is played with a total of 8 decks, hence why this bet is possible.)

Evolution Gaming’s Live Super Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Asian-inspired card game – but it’s got a problem. Many players complain the payouts are just too low to justify playing it. That’s why Evolution Gaming released Super Sic Bo – the same game, but with random multipliers worth up to 1000X!

As the player, you simply need to place bets on what you think the outcome of the three dice will be. If the results match your bets, you win! Now, in Evolution Gaming’s variation of the game, random multipliers are applied to between zero and several betting spots each time the game plays. If you place a bet on a betting spot which is awarded a multiplier, the payout for that bet is multiplied accordingly.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Football Studio

Football Studio is a unique card-based game from Evolution Gaming. Before writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review we’d never actually heard of it, but we’re glad we discovered it!

Football Studio is based around the developer’s new gaming category known as ‘Top Card’, where players simply bet on which of the two cards dealt will be of the highest value. (Players can also bet on whether the round will result in a tie.)

Live Football Studio, however, takes this ‘Top Card’ game, and incorporates it with a fast-paced football environment. The game features live match commentary, chat and goal celebrations, and more – all designed to give players the ultimate football experience.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino Hold’Em

Casino Hold’Em is a popular card game found in casinos around the world – and Evolution Gaming were actually one of the first game developers to offer it in an online form. Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino Hold’Em allows an unlimited number of players to play at once. Players play against the dealer (rather than each other), and there’s a couple of bonus/side bets too, which we look at below:

First, there’s the Bonus Bet. This is an optional bet for all players, and awards payouts for forming certain hands. The main side bet, is called the Jumbo 7 Jackpot, and this pays out on a 7-card Straight Flush. It’s a progressive jackpot, meaning it continues to grow until it’s won – and this allows it to reach massive heights!

Evolution Gaming’s Live Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is an incredibly popular card game in land-based casinos around the world – and Evolution Gaming created an online variation of it, in partnership with Scientific Games. It’s an easy-to-learn game, and both the player and the dealer are dealt three cards. The best poker hand wins – and that’s pretty much all there is too it!.

In Evolution Gaming’s Live Three Card Poker, there’s a few side bet options. The first, is the Pair Plus Bonus Bet. If the player makes a pair or better in their hand, they win a payout worth up to 100X. The second side bet is the Six Card Bonus Bet. Here, the goal is for the player to make the best five-card poker hand, by combining their own three cards, with the dealer’s three cards. The biggest payout here is worth 1,000X!

Evolution Gaming’s Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular choice for players at land-based casinos, and Evolution Gaming have created their own online version of the game in partnership with Games Marketing. Exclusive to Evolution Gaming, Live Caribbean Stud Poker sees the players dealt five cards. The dealer is also dealt five cards, and the best hand wins.

There’s also an optional side bet, called the 5+1 Bonus Bet. Here, the player is tasked with trying to create the best five-card hand possible, using their own five cards, and the dealer’s first face-up card. There’s payouts worth up to 1,000X here.

Finally, there’s also a Progressive Jackpot side bet. The jackpot increases until it’s won, and this is achieved by the player making a Royal Flush in their hand. This bet, however, also offers fixed-odds payouts for forming 3-of-a-kind, Straight Flush, Full House and 4-of-a-kind hands.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is an exclusive game from Evolution Gaming, created in partnership with Scientific Games. In the game, players go head-to-head against the dealer, and must try to form the best five-card hand. Both the player and dealer are dealt two cards – and five community cards are then dealt. (It’s pretty similar to regular Texas Hold’Em poker, with the main difference being that the game is played against the dealer rather than other players.)

There’s one optional side bet available, called the Trips Bonus Bet. This pays an award if the player manages to make a 3-of-a-kind hand or better.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

Evolution Gaming’s Live Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker game has been created in partnership with Games Marketing. Our team spent over an hour playing it before writing this section of this Evolution Gaming live casino review.

The game is based heavily on Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker (another of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games), but this game is played against the house rather than other players. There is also no more betting after the River card is dealt.

There’s a Bonus Bet available, which pays out up to 1,000X to players, and there’s also a ‘First Five Jackpot’ side bet available. This allows players to win an ever-growing progressive jackpot. The entire jackpot is won if a player manages to make a Royal Flush.

Streaming Quality

Evolution Gaming are widely regarded as the market leader in the live casino world, and as such, their systems are extremely reliable, versatile, and high-quality. While Evolution Gaming did have some ‘teething problems’ with their live dealer games software back in the day, today, really, there’s nothing else on-par with it.

The game’s are all delivered through a super high-quality, high-definition stream to your device. Lags or freezing are pretty much non-existent, and it’s safe to say you’ll be able to enjoy the live dealer games experience in a hassle-free manner.

Plus, Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games can now be streamed by mobile devices too. There’s no software to download or install and it’s simply a case of running the game directly from your favourite online casino. That’s all there is to it. To be honest, you’re unlikely to find a better quality stream than the one Evolution Gaming provide, and it’s just one of the main reasons why they’ve become such a success story in the online gambling world.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

We spent a lot of time playing the provider’s games while writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review. One of the first things we noticed, was that – while there is a game lobby – Evolution Gaming looks to be trying to phase this out. This is being accomplished through the use of what’s called “Direct to Game”. Direct to Game is a new feature from Evolution Gaming that allows you to join right into a game from a casino lobby. This means the provider’s games can be nested among other games on the casino’s site – you don’t need to join a dedicated lobby first.

If you do play at a casino that still uses Evolution Gaming’s main lobby, you’ll see a clear breakdown of the games available. At the top of the lobby’s screen you’ll see a breakdown of the different game studios available. Clicking on one of these will then take you to a sub-lobby, where you can view the tables within that game category.

Some casinos will have Evolution Gaming’s full package of games while others will have just a handful. It’s up to the casino as to how many games they choose to include. We found while writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review that the majority of online casinos offer most – if not all – of the provider’s games.

As you’d expect from a provider of Evolution Gaming’s size, there are also a large number of betting options available. While the exact betting limits are chosen by online casinos, generally, most of Evolution Gaming’s live games can be played from between 1 and 20,000 credits. On some games where small chip denominations are in play (Roulette for example), you can bet as little as 0.10 credits.

Languages Offered 

Evolution Gaming’s tables are usually English-speaking, though operators can choose to have different languages if they desire. The dealers are all fluent, and you’ll have no problems understanding them. Evolution Gaming’s UI is also multilingual, and you’ll find a number of different languages offered. This ensures that no matter what language you speak, you won’t experience any issues playing at the tables!

Something we did notice while writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review was that sometimes the dealers can sound a bit quiet. There’s an in-game option to adjust the sound volume and this eradicate the problem for us.

Evolution Gaming Live Mobile Casino Review

Evolution Gaming’s platform is undoubtedly the most well-developed, and they’ve invested a lot of money into making their games mobile-optimized. All of their live dealer games can be played from Android and iOS devices, and the games can be played directly from your internet browser, or through a casino app. The mobile games work in a pretty much identical way to the desktop versions. However, there is a cool feature called the ‘Multi Screen Option’. This lets you play up to four different games at once.

The quality of the games is also excellent, and it was clear to us when writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review that the developer has done all they can to ensure the mobile streaming quality is as good as possible.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Dealers

Evolution Gaming use the best dealers in the industry – and this is clear, from the moment you start playing. Their dealers are incredibly friendly, and greet new players when they join the table. Regular players are also remembered by certain dealers – and this is an experience you won’t find from most live casino providers.

As you’d expect, the dealers are extremely well-trained and professional, and they include a mixture of males and females. They’re all dressed well, look professional, and have a firm grasp of the games they’re dealing. We really can’t fault Evolution Gaming’s dealers in the slightest. They looked attentive, and like they were actually happy to be there – something you can’t say about many dealers in the live casino world!

Evolution Gaming Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Evolution Gaming are the creme de la creme of live casino games. They are – by far – the market leader in the live iGaming industry and their games are offered at hundreds of online casinos around the world. All of Evolution Gaming’s games are built to an incredibly high degree of quality, and their TV-like video streams offer crystal-clear viewing at all times.

They also offer one of the largest game portfolios. At the time of writing this Evolution Gaming live casino review they operate some 500+ studio tables. All games are available 24/7 and their dealers and presenters are extremely well trained.

Evolution Gaming were also one of the first live iGaming providers to focus on mobile gaming. All of their live dealer games can be played from mobile devices. Licensed in most major licensing jurisdictions, you won’t have any problems playing Evolution Gaming’s games either.

If you’d like to try them for yourself you’ll be glad to know you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to casinos offering their games. Below, you can see our recommended sites that offer Evolution’s games. Just click one of the casinos to sign up and begin playing right away.

Where To Play Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino Games?


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