EntwineTech are a leading live casino supplier through Asia and parts of Europe, and they offer a wide variety of games to players and operators. While writing this EntwineTech live casino review, our research team found that over 80 sites now offer their games.

We’re going to begin by showing you some of the best EntwineTech live casinos around – and later on in this review we’ll look at the games they offer, along with various details about their software.

Best EntwineTech Live Dealer Casino

Company Information and History

EntwineTech is one of the world’s largest providers of live dealer software. The company was established back in 2004, and today, has over 80 licensees spread across the world. The developer operate out of two studios – one Asian, and one European – and offer operators a cost-efficient and reliable software solution.

Alongside the games themselves, EntwineTech also offer a full “backend” package. Their software allows operators to control everything from player bonuses, to affiliates and more – and it’s essentially a one-stop shop for casinos wanting to offer their games. Handling thousands of player bets each day, EntwineTech are a growing name in the iGaming world, and with over 10 years of experience under their belt they know a thing of two about building enjoyable live dealer games.

Today, EntwineTech have offices in the Philippines and Malaysia, and they employ some 200 members of staff. The provider continue to expand their product, and new games are regularded added to their live casino lobby. They’ve won a number of awards as well – perhaps most notably the “Best Software” in the International Gaming Awards of 2010.

While writing this EntwineTech live casino review, we wanted to find out where their games were licensed. We were happy to see that all of the provider’s games are licensed by First Cagayan and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Furthermore, their live dealer games are certified by IOM and TST – two world-leading independent testing houses.

EntwineTech Live Casino Review: The Games

EntwineTech offer a huge selection of live dealer games for players to enjoy. While writing out EntwineTech live casino review, we wanted to put them to the test – and you can find out all about them and what we thought below:

EntwineTech’s Live Baccarat

At the time this EntwineTech live casino review was written, they offered 8 different Baccarat variations. Learn all about them below:

  • Super 6: Super 6 Baccarat – also known as No Commission Baccarat – is another variation of the popular Asian card game. No commission is by the casino. In order to get the house edge, payouts for the Banker bet varies depending on how the hand is won. EntwineTech’s Super 6 Baccarat offers a number of side betting options too.
  • Super Baccarat: Super Baccarat follows regular game rules – but there are more side bet options available. These include Player, Banker, Pairs, Even/Odds, and Big/Small.
  • Baccarat Pair: Baccarat Pair follows regular game rules – with two additional side bets available. These side bets pay between even money and 11/1.
  • Traditional Baccarat: This is the most straightforward version of the game EntwineTech offer. The only bets available are Player, Banker or Tie, and commission is taken from the Banker bet.
  • VIP Baccarat: VIP Baccarat is designed for players who are playing at higher stakes. The betting time is extended to 35 seconds per round, and the table offers higher betting limits too.
  • Dragon Bonus Baccarat: Dragon Bonus Baccarat is another variation of Traditional Baccarat. The game offers two additional side bets – the “Dragon Bonus”. There’s no commission taken in this game, with the hand’s payouts varying depending on different hand situations.
  • Points Baccarat: Points Baccarat is another variation of Super 6. It’s basically a more modern variation of the game, and there are a number of new side bets available.
  • Dragon Phoenix Baccarat: Dragon Phoenix Baccarat follows regular Baccarat rules. The main difference, is that payouts are enhanced on new bets – the Dragon 7 and Phoenix 7 bets.

EntwineTech’s Live Roulette

EntwineTech offer four variations of Roulette. We tried all of them out when writing this EntwineTech live casino review – and you can find out all about them below:

  • Big Screen Roulette: Big Screen Roulette is a European variation of the game, meaning there’s a single zero on the wheel. Along with all of the standard betting options, there’s also hot betting available – this lets you bet on hot and cold numbers automatically.
  • European Roulette: European Roulette is EntwineTech’s main Roulette product. It offers a variety of betting options and features including Max Bet, Call Bet and Neighbor Bet. There’s also detailed game statistics available as well, so you can view the results of past game rounds.
  • Asian Roulette: Asian Roulette is similar to its European counterpart – with the main difference being the introduction of “Fan Tan’ betting options. There is also a detailed game history available, which lets you view the results of previous games.
  • 3D Roulette: Again based on European rules, 3D Roulette is a high-definition table which offers a stylish 3D design. All standard betting options are available, and a unique display of statistics shows the results from 50 previous game rounds.

EntwineTech’s Live Blackjack

EntwineTech offer just one Blackjack table – Big Screen Blackjack. It follows Vegas rules, meaning the dealer draws two cards initially. The table seats up to 7 players, but thanks to the “Bet Behind’ option, and unlimited number of players can play at once. There’s also a Perfect Pairs side bet available.

The game’s cards are shuffled using an i-Shoe (an automated dealing machine.) Like we’ve found in every game we’ve studied in this EntwineTech live casino review, Big Screen Blackjack also offers detailed game statistics.

EntwineTech’s Live Multi-Gate Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a popular card game which is based around Baccarat. In Intwine Tech’s version of the game, there are a number of additional betting options available. These are shown in the form of “Gates” – Tianmen, DImen and Renmen. These translate to Heaven Gate, Earth Gate and Human Gate – and for each gate, you’ll see one of three betting options available; Dragon, Tiger and Tie.

The game benefits from a crisp, clear layout, and there’s plenty of time between game rounds to place bets. There are also detailed game statistics available – these are found right at the bottom of the screen, and show the results of past rounds.

EntwineTech’s Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo – also known as Hi-Lo – is a Chinese dice game. Intwine Tech offer it in their online portfolio, and players will find themselves faced with a massive number of betting options – up to 50! Like all of the developer’s live dealer games, there are detailed game statistics available. These can be found on the right-hand-side of the screen.

Streaming Quality

While writing this EntwineTech live casino review, we were impressed with the company’s product quality. Their video and audio streams are high-quality, and the provider actually guarantee an uptime of 98.99% to operators. This is something we haven’t seen much when reviewing live casinos online, and it’s’ refreshing to see the developer taking the quality of their games so seriously.

While they’re not quite at the level of market leaders like Evolution Gaming or Playtech, EntwineTech have clearly invested in their technology – and their software is more than capable of providing a high-quality gaming experience at all times.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

EntwineTech have clearly spent a fair bit of time developing their playing interfaces – they look pretty good. All games are accessed through a dedicated lobby area. Here, you can view all of the games currently available, along with some basic game statistics and information about the dealer.

We were surprised, when writing this EntwineTech live casino review to see that even on the European tables there’s Chinese text used. This doesn’t affect the game in any way, but it does make things a little confusing at first.

In addition to this, we found the games to look quite cluttered. Once you get the feel of things it’s fine – but you may want to familiarise yourself with everything first.

Something we really like is a fast-deposit option which EntwineTech have built into their games. If you want to make a deposit, you don’t need to leave the game window. Instead, you can deposit directly from within the game.

Table limits are also quite generous. You’ll be able to play most of EntwineTech’s games from as little as 1 credit, and as much as 3,000 credits per round. You can view the table limits from the main lobby screen before you enter a game.

Languages Offered 

EntwineTech’s dealers speak a variety of European and Asian languages. While creating this EntwineTech live casino review, we found the dealers speaking English, Russian, and Korean. The user interface itself is offered in a number of languages. While it’s up to the operator to choose which languages to offer, the provider is capable of offering the UI in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese.

EntwineTech Live Mobile Casino Review

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though EntwineTech’s games can be played from mobile devices. While other affiliate sites state their games are mobile-optimized, while writing this EntwineTech live casino review, we found this not to be the case. In the providers own words, they offer their games in “Download and Flash” – and this makes it unlikely that you’ll be able to load them up from mobile devices. This may change in the future, however – and we’ll update this page if and when this happens, so feel free to check back in the future.

Update: EntwineTech have recently release their n2-LIVE mobile solution. This allows a number of their games to be played from mobile devices. While it’s still in its early days, it appears to be relatively promising, and the games load quickly and stream well.

EntwineTech’s Live Dealers

EntwineTech’s dealers are – for the most part – female. There are some male dealers, but they are few and far between. The dealers are dressed in classy dresses, and while they tend to keep a fairly ‘low profile’ demeanour at the table, they’re all friendly and welcoming enough. You’ll actually find European and Asian dealers – and from our experience, the European dealers are the more friendly of the two.

EntwineTech Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Focusing mainly on the Asian iGaming market, EntwineTech may be an unfamiliar name to Europeans. The developer has built a solid business, and they’re one of the most popular live casino providers in Asia, proving they’re doing something right.

Writing this EntwineTech live casino review we were extremely impressed with their ‘Instant Banking’ feature. This lets you make deposits from within the games themselves. There’s also a cool feature where you can change to a different game without needing to go back through the lobby.

Their recent n2-LIVE release has meant their games are now playable from mobile devices as well. This has lead to the provider’s software being used at a larger number of casinos, and reiterated why they’re one of Asia’s leading iGaming companies. If you’d like to give EntwineTech’s games a try for yourself, you’ll find their software used at the online casinos below.

Where To Play EntwineTech’s Live Casino Games?


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