eBET are an Asian-based iGaming supplier, offering a variety of live casino games to players and operators. While writing this eBET live casino review, the Online Casino HQ team found that the game provider is one of the most respected in Asia. Their live gaming product is state-of-the-art, offers a wide variety of games and can be found at some of the leading Asian online casinos.

We’re going to begin by taking a look at where you can play eBET’s live casino games. Later on in this post, we’ll look at the games themselves, along with a detailed review of their live casino product.

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Company Information and History

eBET was founded in 2012, and since day one they’ve been focused on providing players and operators with the best gaming solutions. eBET were a notable addition to the Asian market, as they were the first Asian-based live game operator to offer a mobile casino app. In fact, this app won them the G2E Asia award for the “Best Mobile Application Provider.”

In the following years, eBET entered the international market, and has since – in their own words – transformed into a global brand. Today, eBET continue to develop their live casino product, and their games can now be played at a large number of online casinos around the world.

A core part of writing this eBET live casino review, was looking at the company’s gaming licenses and certifications. Our research team found that all games offered by eBET are certified by GLI. GLI are a leading (and independant) testing lab, trusted by over 400 licensing jurisdictions around the world. eBET are also licensed and regulated by First Cagayan. eBET are passionate about their games, and by ensuring they comply with local laws and regulations, they make them available to as many players as possible.

eBET Live Casino Review: The Games

At the time of writing this eBET live casino review, the provider offered a total of five live dealer games. Below, you can find out all about them:

eBET’s Live Baccarat

eBET offer a number of Baccarat tables, all of which offer different betting limits. All tables use standard Baccarat rules. Full roadmaps can be viewed on the screen, and there’s also some statistics, which show past game results.

Alongside the normal Player/Banker and Tie bets, you can also place an optional Pairs side bet. This pays 11/1. One thing we noticed while reviewing eBET’s live Baccarat, was that the game screen is quite cramped. The chip values are on the left-hand-side of the screen, while the game history is found at the bottom. It’s not too bad – but just something to be aware of.

eBET’s Live Roulette

eBET’s live Roulette uses European rules, meaning the wheel contains a single zero. The game uses two cameras – one pointed at the dealer, and one at the wheel itself. The camera angle changes once the game has begun so you can see the ball spinning.

Like all of the games we looked at when writing this eBET live casino review, their live Roulette offers detailed game history. This is found at the bottom of the screen. There’s a large range of betting options available too.

To place French, Call and Neighbor bets, you can activate the Racetrack view. This is done by pressing the “Switch Play” button on the bottom-left-hand-corner of the screen.

eBET’s Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Chinese dice game that’s offered at a number of Asian-facing online casinos. eBET offer it as part of their range too, and in their game you’ll find up to 50 different bet options. Each game round takes 60 seconds, so you’ve got plenty of time to place your bets, and the table uses multiple camera angles. This lets you see the dice being rolled up close.

Below the betting grid, you’ll find a detailed set of statistics. This lets you view the results for past game rounds and allows you to view trends.

eBET’s Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a popular Asian card game based on Baccarat. One card is dealt to the two players (the Dragon and the Tiger), and the highest hand wins – that’s all there is to it. Players can also wager on the hand being a tie, by betting on the “Tie” bet.

eBET’s Dragon Tiger is pretty simple – you won’t find any side bet options – but it does its job. The game can host an unlimited number of players, and like all of the provider’s live dealer games, detailed statistics can be found at the bottom of the screen. It was actually one of the favourite games we came across when writing this eBET live casino review. It’s fast paced, making it ideal for players who want to minimise time between rounds.

eBET’s Live Bull Bull

Bull Bull isn’t a game you’ll see much, and that’s why we were happy to see it when writing this eBET live casino review. Bull Bull (also known as Niu Niu) is a traditional card game played in Asia. It was first popularized online by Asia Gaming.

In eBET’s Bull Bull the standard betting options are available and there’s also the ability to view detailed game history. You can also read an informational file on how to play the game – but don’t expect to read it in English!

Streaming Quality

eBET’s live dealer games are clearly well made – and you shouldn’t have many issues running them. In fact, while writing this eBET live casino review, we found their games had some of the lowest latency rates of any Asian provider we’ve reviewed. Loading up the games can take a little longer than most, but once they’re running, they’re fast, reliable and lag-free.

There’s also an option to toggle the HD mode on or off. This is useful if you’re playing from a slower internet connection, as it allows you to customize the game to your needs.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

All of eBET’s games are accessed through a dedicated lobby area. Like most Asian game providers, this lobby is quite slow and clunky – definitely not what we’ve come to expect from the likes of NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. On the left-hand-side of the screen you can access the different game categories available. You will then see all of the tables currently available. There’s also details about the dealers and betting limits.

The games themselves are also quite clunky – and there’s a lot going on. The betting area and dealer are positioned in the centre of the screen, while table information and betting limit information is found on the right-hand-side. As all games are played within the lobby software, you also can access other games from the menu on the left-hand-side.

Selecting your desired chip size can also be a bit of a hassle. Instead of being able to just click a chip and bet it, you first have to open a popup window and select the value of chip you want to bet. The betting limits on tables vary (depending on operator preferences), but tables generally have betting limits of around 10-500,000 credits. We found, when writing this eBET live casino review that all online casinos tend to set the maximum betting limit at 500,000 – we didn’t see it any higher.

Languages Offered 

Unfortunately, while writing our eBET live casino review, we struggled to find any way to select different languages. The dealers themselves speak Chinese – but even the user interface doesn’t appear to have different language options. Clearly, eBET are targeting Asian players, and don’t feel the need to offer other languages – but this may change in the future. We will update this page if and when new languages become available.

eBET Live Mobile Casino Review

All of eBET’s live dealer games can be played on mobile devices. In fact, eBET were the first live mobile casino app provider in Asia – and their technology won them the G2E Asia “Best Mobile Application Provider” award. The games all run well from mobile devices, and their also mobile-optimized, meaning it doesn’t matter what kind of device you play from – the games will automatically fit the size of your screen.

eBET’s Live Dealers

eBET’s dealers are all young, attractive females – and they’re also all Asian. They’re friendly, and always welcome new players to the table. They’re also incredibly professional – and you’ll see that they have an expert hand over the games they’re dealering. While we were writing this eBET live casino review, our reviews actually commented – multiple times – that the dealers were some of the most professional we’ve seen from an Asian provider.

eBET Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

eBET are one of the leading live casino iGaming companies in Asia, and it’s clear they know what their players want. Their games are built to a high level of quality, and we found them to be stable, even on weaker internet connections.

We were also impressed to see that they now offer a live Roulette game. This signifies the company’s commitment to expansion, and hints towards a move into European markets. When this happens remains to be seen – but it’s clear the provider have Europe in their sights.

The only real issue we came across when putting this eBET live casino review together was the fact that their interface appears in Chinese. There don’t appear to be any other language options available, and if you don’t speak Mandarin you’ll struggle to make sense of anything. Still, we suppose that’s only natural given they’re targeting Asia.

eBET’s live dealer games can be found at a few online casinos, and if you’d like to give them a try for yourself, you can find our recommended sites below. All of these casinos offer eBET’s live dealer games and also offer a generous welcome bonus for new players. You can find out the details of these bonuses and claim yours, below.

Where To Play eBET’s Live Casino Games?


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