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Asia Live Tech are the world’s first Bitcoin iGaming software provider in Asia – and they offer a wide variety of products within the online gambling sector. From white label casino solutions to product integrations, Asia Live Tech claim to offer high-quality, cost-effective software solutions to operators.

More recently, they’ve thrown their hat into the live casino world, and they now offer a small yet quality range of live dealer games for players to enjoy. Their tables run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are accessible to players all over the world. In this Asia Live Tech live casino review, we’re going to be taking a look at the company’s live casino operations. We’ll cover everything from the company’s history, to the live dealer games they offer and more. Let’s begin by finding out who Asia Live Tech are.

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Company Information and History

Asia Live Tech was founded back in 2011, and initially, they focused on bringing gambling expertise and iGaming solutions to Asian markets. They began by offering various third-party gaming solutions, but quickly branched out, and were soon found to be offering their own products and software solutions. Their live dealer casino is their biggest offering so far, and while it’s not the biggest in the world, it’s growing rapidly in size.

Today, Asia Live Tech offers a variety of White Label solutions, special iGaming offices to rent, and they’ve placed a focus on integrating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into their games. Their live dealer games are streamed from three different studios in Cambodia. These studios are all located in the Lucky89 Land Based Casino and Resort.

Asia Live Tech have gambling licenses in a number of countries, and most recently, they’ve started offering services in Cambodia. Their presence continues to grow, and it’s likely we’ll see Asia Live Tech becoming even bigger over the next few years. In fact, while writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review we found the developer are expanding even faster than their business roadmap predicted.

Asia Live Tech Live Casino Review: The Games

Asia Live Tech offers a total of seven live dealer games – and we looked at them all while writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review. Find out about them below.

Asia Live Tech’s Live Baccarat

Asia Live Tech operate four Baccarat tables. This includes Baccarat, Baccarat Super 6, Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Insurance. They’re all pretty much the same, with the exception of some offering different side bets. The Baccarat tables are a little messy we feel, and you’ll see a ton of betting options overlaid on the table. While this does offer plenty of different bets, it can make the table a little confusing at first. The chip denominations are found at the bottom of the screen, and just above these you’ll find some real time stats and data, so you can see the results of the last games. You don’t get long to place your bets – just 20 seconds – though as it’s Baccarat, it’s not a massive problem.

Asia Live Tech’s Fantan

Two version of Fantan (traditional and simple) are offered by Asia Live Tech. There’s lots of betting options, and these are found at the bottom of the screen. Below them, you’ll be able to view your current account balance, and the different chips. Once you’ve placed your bets, you’ll need to hit the ‘Confirm’ button. You can also “rebet” or “clear” your bets too. To the right-hand-side of the screen, you’ll be able to view some additional details. This includes your username, the time/date, the table number, game number, along with the betting limits for that specific table. You’re given 20 seconds to places your bets per hand.

Asia Live Tech’s Dragon Tiger

The Sic Bo table is one of the clearest – and there’s only six betting options, so the screen isn’t too crowded either. The betting options available to you include 2 Red, Dragon, Tie, Red/Black, Tiger, and 2 Black. Like most of Asia Live Tech’s games, you’re given 20 seconds to place your bets. You need to confirm your bets before they’re placed – and there’s also a ‘rebet’ and ‘clear’ option too. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the chip denominations available, along with some detailed game statistics. This allows you to see the results of past games.

Asia Live Tech’s Roulette

One of our favourite games we looked at when writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review was their single-zero Roulette. The betting interface is relatively simple, and you’ll see the dealer and the wheel in the top-middle of the screen. To the right of this, you’ll be able to view the history for the last five games – although you can scroll down to see even more results. To the left-hand-side of the dealer, you’ll be able to view game-specific information.

The bottom-half of the screen shows the betting board. By default, you’ll see the main Roulette board, with all the regular betting options available to you. On the bottom-right-hand-side of the screen, you will see a racetrack betting option. This allows you to place neighbor bets, as well as Tier, Orphelins, and Voisins du zero bets. You only have 20 seconds between each spin to place your bets too, so you’ll need to be quite on the ball here. Don’t forget, you’ll also have to press the ‘confirm’ button before the bets are officially places. Alongside this button, there’s a handy ‘rebet’ and ‘clear’ button as well.

Asia Live Tech’s Xoc Dia

Like many of Asia Live Tech’s live dealer games, Xoc Dia offers a number of different betting options. You’ll see these all visible on the bottom-half of the screen. We like the way Xoc Dia has been laid out. Some of Asia Live Tech’s live dealer games tend to get a little cluttered – so it’s refreshing to see a clear, and easy-to-navigate game layout instead. To the right-hand-side of the dealer, you’ll be able to view the results of recent games. On the left-hand-side, you’ll be able to view some bits of game information. Xoc Dia is also one of the few games that offers an ‘Auto Confirm’ option, saving you the hassle of manually confirming each game you play.

Asia Live Tech’s Sic Bo

Like all Sic Bo Games, Asia Live Tech’s version gives you a ton of betting options – and you’ll see these all laid out below the dealer, on the bottom-half of the screen. To the right-hand-side of the dealer, you’ll be able to view the recent game history. By default, this shows the last five games, but you can scroll down to view more.

Once the bets are placed, you’ll need to press the ‘Confirm’ button – but there’s an Auto Confirm button too, if you want to save the hassle of doing this for each spin. There’s also a handy ‘rebet’ and ‘clear’ button available to use too.

Asia Live Tech’s Belangkai

Our team were impressed, when writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review to find Belangkai. It’s a rare game, and as far as we know, Asia Live Tech are the only provider to offer it. The game offers a wide variety of betting options, and these are found at the bottom of the screen. To the right-hand-side of the dealer you’ll be able to view a recent game history, and to the left-hand-side, there’s some table-specific bits of information.

After you place your bets, you’ll need to press the ‘Confirm’ button – thankfully, though, there is an ‘Auto Confirm’ button which takes the hassle out of doing this for each game. You’ll also see a ‘rebet’ and ‘clear’ button, which allow you to repeat your last bet, or clear the table of any chips.

One of the really unique things about Asia Live Tech, is that they also have a couple of special tables. The first, is the ‘Disco Table’, and this is open everyday between 7PM and 5Am. Here, you’ll enjoy the games as normal, but there’s loud music, flashing lights… a bit of a party scene if you like! It’s not for everyone, but it’s something different and it’s quite fun! There’s also a ‘Tele Bet’ options, which allows you to place bets over the phone. A proxy will then place your bets for you, and you simply get to watch the betting take place on your screen.

Streaming Quality

All of Asia Live Tech’s live casino games give you the option of playing in ‘Gentle’ and ‘HD’ modes. The idea is that ‘Gentle’ requires much less bandwidth when compared to ‘HD’ – with the latter, of course, offering the better quality stream.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Asia Live Tech’s technology isn’t quite up to scratch – yet. The ‘HD’ mode is quite glitchy, and the screen goes blank semi-often. This was tested using a high-speed, reliable internet connection, so it doesn’t bode particularly well for the average player.

The ‘Gentle’ mode is better – and the streaming quality is still impressive – but again, the stream was glitch-ridden, and we found that the game’s result was often shown before the dealer had finished dealing the current hand.

The games are playable – but it’s not an ideal situation, and we’d hope that Asia Live Tech invest more time and financial resources into their technology, so players can enjoy a better, less-laggy gaming experience.

Playing Interface and Betting Options

Our researchers spent a fair bit of time playing the provider’s games in order to write this Asia Live Tech live casino review. We found that – for the most part – the playing interface is clear and easy-to-navigate. All casinos that offer Asia Live Tech’s games will offer a dedicated lobby area – this is where you can browse through the games and select which one you’d like to play.

There’s a total of 4 different tabs, for each of the studios offered. These include iStudio, 89 Room, Lucky Room, and also an “All Games” tab. Within the lobby you can view some basic details of the games themselves. This includes the dealer currently dealing the table, along with game statistics. This helps you to choose which table to play. The only thing really missing is the betting limits – these are found individually within the games instead.

We were pleased to find, while writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review, that the provider has recently added a “Multi-Table” option. This allows you to play up to three different games at once, from a single window.

Languages Offered 

Asia Live Tech’s dealers speak English – and some tables will see dealers speaking Asian languages. Generally, the dealers who speak English do so well enough – but they do speak a little broken at times, so just be aware of this. The game’s user interface is multilingual – and this means you can change it to display one of a number of languages.

Asia Live Tech Live Mobile Casino Review

Asia Live Tech’s games can be played from mobile devices – but we personally wouldn’t recommend it. Their software platform – while sturdy enough – doesn’t render too well from mobile devices, and you may find it quite hard to navigate even through the lobby – well before you get to playing the games themselves! iOS and Android users will be able to play their games – but you’ll be much better off playing from a computer or laptop.

Asia Live Tech’s Live Dealers

All of Asia Live Tech’s tables are based in land-based casinos – and this means the dealers are all highly-professional and experienced. From the moment you load up the tables, you’ll notice that the dealers have a strong grasp of how the games run – and how they work – and their professionalism doesn’t go unnoticed. Like most live casino game providers, Asia Live Tech employ a combination of male and female dealers, and they all dress smartly.

Where To Play Asia Live Tech’s Live Casino Games?


Asia Live Tech Live Casino Review: Our Thoughts 

Asia Live Tech is one of the most prominent Asian-facing live casino providers on the planet. They’ve achieved large scale success in Asian countries, and they’ve hinted at entering European markets soon, so it’s very likely we’ll hear more about them in the following months.

There were a couple of downsides that emerged when we were writing this Asia Live Tech live casino review. The first, was the way in which the lobby was laid out. Everything’s quite cluttered, and the graphics look like something you’d of seen 10 years ago. Their games can also be a bit glitchy at times which takes away from the overall experience.

One of the things we do like is the fact that all of their games are streamed directly from casino floors. This adds authenticity and makes you feel as though you’re actually in a casino when playing. You can also try out all of their live games for free, in demo mode.

Overall, they’ve got work to do – but it’s not hard to see why Asia Live Tech are a leading name in the Asian live casino world. A good range of games and well-trained, attractive dealers make for a quality gaming experience. You can play Asia Live Tech’s games at any of the casinos recommended below.

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