Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (also known as the State Gaming Control Board) is a gambling regulator in Nevada. It’s tasked with regulating all forms of gaming within the state, in conjunction with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The Control Board ensures the stability and integrity of gambling throughout the state of Nevada, and they’ve gained a solid reputation for taking their responsibilities seriously.

In this review, we’re going to look at who the Nevada Gaming Control Board are, how they operate, and what their complaints procedure looks like.

About The Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Control Board was founded in 1955 by state legislation, and it was created within the Nevada Tax Commission. Their purpose was to regulate and license all forms of gaming within the state, and while they – at first – focused on land-based gaming, they now oversee digital/interactive gaming as well.

The Board is formed if three full-time members who are all appointed by the Governor. These members serve for a total of four years each, and one of them acts as the Board’s Chairman.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has a number of responsibilities, including licensing suitable operators, enforcing laws and regulations surrounding gambling, the collection of gaming taxes and fees, and helping to maintain the public’s confidence in gambling.

Gambling taxes make up an important part of the state of Nevada’s revenue, so, as you can imagine, the Board are very strict on auditing operators and ensuring they’re paying their fair share in taxes.

On their website, the Board state that their highest priority is to protect the citizens of Nevada, and visitors – and they say: “Citizens of Nevada and visitors to our state by ensuring the interests of the agency, any employee or any licensee are not placed above our duty to our citizens and visitors.”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board are relatively respected within the gaming industry, and their framework has been modeled by many other regulators around the world.

The regulator responsible for online gambling, is the Nevada Gaming Commission – a part of the Nevada Gaming Control Board – and while they have only licensed a couple of operators (at the time of writing), they’re again, a trustworthy name in the regulation area.

License Requirements

Operators who want to acquire a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission must be able to demonstrate that they are capable of running a fair, honest, and trustworthy gaming operation.

Taxation is one of the core fundamentals associated with licensing gambling operators in Nevada, and operators are regularly audited by the commission’s Enforcement Division to ensure that they’re paying the correct amount of tax.

Like most regulators, the Nevada Gaming Commission are also very keen to ensure that gamblin within the state remains free from criminal activity.

All games offered by an operators are also required to be tested by a 3rd-party testing house. This ensures that the games are fair, and allows players to enjoy them in the peace of mind that they’re operating according to their theoretical return to player.

Key figures within online gambling organizations must hold the relevant gaming licenses, and the commission are very strict with who they allow to hold personal gaming licenses. Those with past criminal convictions (especially charges related to fraud) are unlikely to be awarded a license.

Top Nevada Gaming Control Board Licensed Casinos

Currently, only two operators hold licenses to offer gambling services online. You can view these below:


How To Check If a License is Valid

The Nevada Gaming Commission maintain an up-to-date list of approved licensees, and this can be accessed through their main website.

You can view a list of approved and licensed interactive gaming operators here.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint with an operator licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission, you will, in the first instance, need to try and resolve the complaint directly with the operator in question.

If this proves to be unsuccessful, or if you’re not satisfied with the response given by the operator, you may make a complaint directly with the commission, and this is done through their iGaming Complaint form.

You can submit a complaint or dispute to the Nevada Gaming Control Board Enforcement Division here.

Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Contact Details

Address: 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 2600, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: 775-684-7700

Email: [email protected]  


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