Danish Gambling Authority

The Danish Gambling Authority is a governmental authority which is responsible for ‘ensuring a well-regulated gambling market in Denmark where players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling.’

The Authority is well-respected within the online gambling world, and they work hard to ensure players can gamble in a fair and safe environment online.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how the Danish Gambling Authority function, what license conditions they impose upon operators, and what their complaints procedure looks like.

About The Danish Gambling Authority

The Danish Gambling Authority was formed back in 2000, and it was created as part of the Danish Ministry of Taxation. For the first 10 years after their formation, the Authority focused mainly on regulating gaming machines that could be found in arcades, restaurants, and kiosks through Denmark. They also regulated the seven land-based casinos throughout Denmark and Danske Spil.

Once online gambling began growing in popularity, the Authority began regulating that, too, and today, all operators who apply for (and receive) a license from them can offer gambling services to players.

The Danish Gambling Authority is known as being a responsible regulator – and any site which holds one of their licenses is generally safe to play at, and shouldn’t cause players any problems.

License Requirements

There are two types of online gambling licenses issued by the Authority, and the first is the ‘Online Betting License’. This is designed to cover sports betting events (games where the bettor guesses on the outcome of an event). The second license is the ‘Online Casino License’, and this covers all forms of casino games. It also covers games that combine both skill and chance.

The Danish Gambling Authority has some strict rules that operators need to follow if they wish to acquire an online gambling license. Firstly, all operators must give the Authority access to a data warehouse (known as a ‘SAFE’). This data warehouse needs to continually transfers and saves gambling data, so that the Authority and other 3rd-party auditors can look through it at any time.

Operators are also required to abide to the ‘ROFUS’ – the register of self-excluded persons. This system allows Danish players to self-exclude from all sites licensed by the Authority, and works in a similar way to the UK’s GAMSTOP program.

There are also some pretty significant technical standards that online casinos must adhere to, and this includes everything from general technical inspections, to full-scale penetration testing, and vulnerability scans.

Of course, operators must also operate within Denmark’s legal framework, and this means carrying out checks on customers, and ensuring money-laundering prevention measures are in place.

Top Danish Gambling Authority Licensed Casinos

Some of the world’s biggest online casinos hold licenses from the Danish Gambling Authority, and you can see some of the top-rated Danish casinos below:


How To Check If a License is Valid

There are a couple of ways to check whether a website is licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. The easiest way, is simply to check the website’s footer area, where you should see a link, directly to the Authority’s website. You can click this link to check the validity of the site’s license.

Alternatively, you can also search a public register of licenses at the Authority’s website. You can view the register here.

Danish Gambling Authority Complaints Procedure

Unfortunately, the Danish Gambling Authority doesn’t deal with complaints between players and operators directly. However, they do provide detailed guidance on how to make a complaint if you’re unhappy with the service you received.

In the first instance, they recommend that you direct any complaints directly to the operator in question. All operators licensed by the Authority is required to deal with player complaints. Once your complaint has been submitted to an operator, it should be dealt with as soon as possible. If the complaint isn’t settled within 14 days, the operator must inform players when they expect to settle it by.

If you’re unhappy with the operator’s decision, it’s also possible to make a complaint to the Center for Klageløsning.

Now, if a complaint is against an operator’s advertising or marketing strategies, a complaint can be made directly to the Authority. This is done through their website.

Similarly, players can report unlicensed operators who accept Danish players through the website too – although in most cases, you won’t ever find out the result of these investigations, as the Authority doesn’t comment on specific cases.

Danish Gambling Authority’s Contact Details

Address: Spillemyndigheden – Englandsgade 25, 6. sal – 5000 Odense C.

Phone: + 45 72 38 79 13

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.spillemyndigheden.dk

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