Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ)

Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) is one of four Master License holders in Curaçao – a popular caribbean destination for online gambling operators to base their businesses.

While Curaçao has a relatively poor name in the regulation of online gambling, Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) have a pretty good reputation, and they’re really the only Master License holder that actually regulates their licensees.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at what Gaming Curaçao (Master license 365/JAZ) do, how they operate, and what their complaints procedure looks like.

About Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ)

Gambling regulation in Curaçao is a little confusing. The Minister of Justice, to date, has issued four main gambling licenses, and these are known as ‘Master Licenses’. Each Master License holder can then sub-license operators onto their license. Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) is one of the four Master License holders, and they’re one of the oldest, established back in 1998.

As a holder of one of the Master Licenses, Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) are able to license approved eGaming operators. This allows them to legally base and run their business from the Island Territory of Curaçao.

Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) offer three main services. The first, is issuing licenses to operators. We’ll take a look at what this entails in the following section of this post.

The second service Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) offer, is Hosting facilities. Due to the number of online gambling businesses based in Curaçao, the island now boasts a number of eGaming-specific hosting companies, and Gaming Curaçao are able to connect new operators with suitable hosting companies.

Gaming Curaçao also offer Fiduciary Services, and this allows operators to receive help in setting up and establishing all the legal aspects of their online gambling business. Gaming Curaçao provide company formation services, and they also connect operators with tax specialists.

License Requirements

Any operator wanting to apply for a license from Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) must begin by sending an email. Once Gaming Curaçao have established that an operator is a suitable candidate for a license, they will begin the application process. During this process, applicants must demonstrate good financial standing. Applicants may be individuals, or corporate bodies, and operators do not need to be incorporated in Curacao to receive a license.

Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) do not openly publish specific requirements that licensees must adhere to. That being said, they do state that all licensees are audited once a year, and this includes both financial and technical audits.

Top Gaming Curaçao Licensed Casinos

While we recommend exercising caution when playing at a site licensed in Curaçao, Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) is the only Master License holder that’s shown a willingness to regulate its licensees. Below, you can view some of the best online casinos licensed by Gaming Curaçao.

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How To Check If a License is Valid

All operators who receive a license from Gaming Curaçao must display a seal on their website. This seal is provided by Gaming Curaçao, and is acts as proof of the validity of the license. Players can click this seal to verify the operator’s license.

Unfortunately, Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) do not maintain a public list of licensees, so the only way to check if a site’s license is legitimate, is to check the seal. This is usually found in the website’s footer area.

Gaming Curaçao’s Complaints Procedure

One of the main reasons we advise players against playing at a site using a license from Curaçao, is that – when things go wrong – there’s not a lot you can do. Curaçao Master License holders have a habit of simply not caring about what their licensees do – and some have even been seen to turn a blind eye to sites running pirated (fake) Novomatic and NetEnt games.

While Gaming Curaçao (Master License 365/JAZ) are the only Master License holder who’ve shown an initiative to deal with player complaints – and take action against rogue operators – they don’t, unfortunately specify details of their complaints procedure.

If you have a complaint about a site licensed by Gaming Curaçao, in the first instance, you should try to resolve the problem directly with the operator. If this fails to produce a satisfactory result, you can send Gaming Curaçao an email, on: [email protected]

While there’s no guarantee they’ll resolve your complaint, you should at least hear back from them.

Contact Gaming Curaçao

Address: Gaming Curaçao, 7 Abraham de Veerstraat, PO Box 840, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]


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