Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ

Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ is one of four Master License holders in Curacao. Being a Master License holder allows Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ to issue sublicenses to online gambling operators.

Despite little being known about them, in this post we’re going to do our best to work out who Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ are, how they operate, and what some of their license conditions include.

We’ll also finish up by taking a look at their complaints procedure and ways of getting in touch with them.

About Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ

Curacao is relatively secretive when it comes to online gambling licenses, and while hundreds of casinos hold a Curacao license, little is known about the relationship between the Curacao government and the license holders.

The governmental position in charge of issuing eGaming licenses in Curacao is the Minister of Justice. To date, the Minister has issued four Master Licenses. These Master License holders can then sublicense other brands on their licenses, for a small fee.

Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ – one of the four Master License holders – was established in 1996, and while they don’t have much of an internet presence, they appear to be tied in with eCommerce Park – a business and technology hub in Curacao. The CEO of Antillephone NV (who hold the Master License) is Robert C. Vermeulen, who also appears to be a key figure in eCommerce Park.

Alongside helping gambling businesses set up in Curacao, eCommerce park also offer a range of other services, including a Data Centre, Domain Registration, and Company Formation services.

It’s all quite murky, if we’re honest. The fact that it’s really not easy to find out about one of the so-called Master License holders does little to instill an air of confidence into the licensing body. This, in conjunction with looking at Curacao’s poor history when it comes to online gambling regulation, means players should be very careful before deciding to play at an online casino licensed in Curacao.

License Requirements

Curacao’s online gambling laws are quite dated, and this means – often times – they’re not on ‘par’ with the regulations you’ll see from some of the more reputable licensing bodies, like the UKGC and the MGA. That being said, Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ do carry out pretty in-depth background checks on potential licensees, and licenses are only awarded if they’re confident that an operator is fit to run an online gambling business.

Checks on the Ultimate Beneficiary Owners involved with an operator are also thorough, and Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ requests things like police reports, bank statements, utility bills, and proof of income before licensing operators.

To receive a license from Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ, operators must be able to prove that all their games, and their software platform is fair. Games must use a verified random number generator (RNG), and Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ require test certificates from a 3rd-party testing house.

Operators must also install a server at their colocation facility. (This, we believe, is eCommerce Park’s headquarters.) The reason the servers need to be based within the regulator’s buildings, is that they need to have the power to disable a casino’s operations at any time. This gives them a certain degree of power over their licensees, and ensures licensees can’t openly flout laws while operating.

Operators must also have a company based in Curacao. This is a requirement directly from the Government of Curacao.

Top Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ Casinos

There are quite a few sites who run on a sublicense of Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ, but due to the regulator’s poor reputation and the fact that players have very little protection while playing at one of these sites, we’ve chosen not to display any here.

Instead, consider checking out one of our recommended online casinos below:


How To Check If a License is Valid

All sites which hold a valid license from Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ are required to display a seal on their website’s footer area. Clicking this seal will take you to a special domain, where you can verify that the license is valid and legitimate.

On this license page, you can view the Company Name, their Trading Name, their Address, their email, and their registered website.

Unfortunately, Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ, do not publish a public licensee register, so there’s no way of determining the validity of a license that way.

Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ Complaints Procedure

Unfortunately, as is all too often the case, players experiencing problems with a casino licensed in Curacao have little chance of ever getting help from regulators. Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ, state that:

All disputes with an Оperator about a payout, a blocked account, a delay, broken features and so on, should first be taken up directly with the Оperator. If no resolution is found there are a number of independent bodies you can contact, which should be listed on the operator’s website.

Whether or not they will intervene in the case of these other dispute resolution channels not working remains to be seen, but you can give it a shot, by contacting them on: [email protected]

Antillephone NV 8048/JAZ Contact Details

Address: E-Commerce Park N.V, E-Zone Vredenberg, Curacao – Caribbean

Phone: +5999 4338808

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


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