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JimboCasino is one of the most popular and regularly-watched YouTube gambling channels, and his staggering £45,000 win on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive has helped him to garner a large follower-base. You can watch the record win HERE.

Known for his cheeky Brummie accent, JimboCasino is honest-looking, transparent, and funny – and it’s this natural charm that has allowed him to build a loyal following on YouTube.

Favourite Games

JimboCasino is known for playing new games – often joining casinos specifically to play exclusive releases – although, like most YouTubers, he does have a few favourites, which include…

  • Book of Dead
  • Dead or Alive
  • Danger High Voltage
  • Roulette
  • Fruit Warp

JimboCasino’s Catchphrases and Sayings

JimboCasino isn’t known for his witty tongue – at least, not as much as some of his fellow streamers…

Although fans will likely remember his staggering Dead or Alive win, as featuring multiple “Oh My God!” comments. And, let’s be fair…

Winning that amount of money, who wouldn’t be awe-struck!

More About JimboCasino

One of the reasons JimboCasino has become so popular, is likely down to the fact that many players can relate with him. Jimbo doesn’t deposit thousands of pounds, and play at stakes most can’t afford. Instead, he regularly makes £1-300 deposits, playing games at stakes ranging from 90p to £3 – and this is a breath of fresh air, in – what some would call – a highly-saturated, and competitive market.

With two children, JimboCasino can’t always stream – at least, not like he used to – but he makes consistent efforts to upload videos, even if they’re only 20-odd minutes long.

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